The Angel of Meridian

“The Angel of Meridian” is the second audiobook released on Audible by author Justin Hyde.  It is an action adventure and science fiction merged story packed with suspense, intrigue and even some elements of horror wrapped up inside.  The audiobook edition is masterfully narrated by one of my current favorite narrators of the “Dragon Mage”… Continue reading The Angel of Meridian

The Smoke Audiobook Review

“The Smoke” is the third audiobook in the wonderfully written historic “Tales from the Revolution” series by Lars D. H. Hedbor.  The book’s Audible narration was professionally performed by Shamaan Casey; who has narrated the previous books in the series as well.  This series of audiobooks place the listener in various locations around the United… Continue reading The Smoke Audiobook Review

Eridani's Crown Audiobook Review

“Eridani’s Crown” is an epic coming of age fantasy story centered upon revenge and the desire to make things right.  The tale is authored by Alex Shvartsman who has a few other audiobooks currently available on Audible.   The audiobook edition is rather well narrated by Nicola Chapman even though it appears this is his first… Continue reading Eridani's Crown Audiobook Review

Dragon King Charlie Audiobook Review

“Dragon King Charlie” is the concluding audiobook to the “Dragon Mage” trilogy series.  The entire series is a wonderfully written story combining elements of both science fiction and fantasy in to one epic tale.  The series is penned by author Scott Baron while the audiobook edition is skillfully narrated by Gary Bennett.  I rated the… Continue reading Dragon King Charlie Audiobook Review

Cunning Devil Audiobook Review

“Cunning Devil” is the premiere work of author Chris Underwood.  It is the first book in what appears to be a trilogy based in the “Lost Falls” area.  You quickly realize this storyteller has quite the imagination filled with fantasy, magic, along with a bit of dark urban mixed in.  He is able to weave… Continue reading Cunning Devil Audiobook Review

Space Pirate Charlie Audiobook Review

Scott Baron (author) and Gary Bennett (narrator) hit another ball out of the park with their second installment in the wonderfully well-written “Dragon Mage” series called “Space Pirate Charlie”.  Their first book, “Bad Luck Charlie”, left us with our main character still in a position of having pretty bad luck but not as much as… Continue reading Space Pirate Charlie Audiobook Review

Banebringer Audiobook Review

“Banebringer” is the first book in the Heretic Gods series and the premiere audiobook from author Carol A. Park. To me, the fantasy story felt a bit like the Mistborn series from author Brandon Sanderson when it comes to its use of magic, whereas the rest of the story is rather unique. The book is… Continue reading Banebringer Audiobook Review