The Lazarus Factor Audiobook Review

“The Lazarus Factor” was an interesting blend of The Davinci Code, Jurassic Park, along with a bit of Indiana Jones wrapped up in a well written action-adventure story that held my attention during the entire journey.  The audiobook appears to be the premiere work by author Nick Crow.  I could not find anything else by… Continue reading The Lazarus Factor Audiobook Review

Hayden’s World Audiobook Review

If you like your science fiction deep, thoughtful, and somewhat more on the harder side, I believe you will find that “Hayden’s World: Volume 1” will scratch that Sci-Fi itch.  The audiobook contains multiple fascinating science fiction short stories, each follows a larger overarching theme across the entire audiobook.  This is the first work by… Continue reading Hayden’s World Audiobook Review

Speechless Audiobook Review

“Speechless”, the sixth book in the Silence Jones Action Thriller series, continues to deliver on the success of its previous in the series which all include plenty of action, loads of excitement, and a high amount of intrigue while still making this one feel both unique and innovative.  The story of Silence continues to be… Continue reading Speechless Audiobook Review

Deep Hex Audiobook Review

“Deep Hex”, the sixth book in “The Deep” series of audiobooks is both familiar and exciting while also feeling rather personal in a few ways.  The author and narrator of the series, Nick Sullivan, has taken his listeners to many beautiful and exciting places in his previous stories encompassing the Caribbean, where the water is… Continue reading Deep Hex Audiobook Review

Dungeon World Drifters Audiobook Review

“Dungeon World Drifters” is the second audiobook in the “System Apocalypse – Relentless series”.  This latest audiobook takes the LitRPG and post-apocalyptic genre to an even high level than the previous one.  The story is a continuation from where the first audiobook left off, but this one felt more refined and elevated.  The series is… Continue reading Dungeon World Drifters Audiobook Review

Dead Air (Silence Jones Book #5) Audiobook Review

It is always a pleasure to have a new Silence Jones action thriller to listen to, and I can say that this newer one in the series (book 5) was just as good as the others, if not a bit better.  If you have had the chance to listen to any of them, I would… Continue reading Dead Air (Silence Jones Book #5) Audiobook Review

The Dragons of Faith

It was a pleasure having the chance to listen and review the premiere authored work of Mr. Penz. He has been a successful and well received audiobook narrator for some time, yet this is a work which he additionally created.  Often, I’m not excited to listen to works where the author also narrates, but this… Continue reading The Dragons of Faith

House of the Rising Gun Easytown Audiobook 4 Review

If you like your audiobooks a bit gritty with plenty of humor and procedural cyberpunk action, you will find the latest audiobook in the Easytown series “House of the Rising Gun” can help fill that void.    The series keeps getting better and better, and I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to each… Continue reading House of the Rising Gun Easytown Audiobook 4 Review

Strength for the Fight Audiobook Review

Let me start by saying that I enjoy listening to biographies to learn about different people and how they impacted our world, no matter the focus.  I’m not a big fan of sports events or personnel, but I can say that the name Jackie Robinson often bubbles to the top with others like Babe Ruth,… Continue reading Strength for the Fight Audiobook Review

The Case of the Disappearing Beaune Audio Book Review

If you are a Sherlock Holms fan or enjoying shorter and humorous holiday procedural mysteries, I believe you will find “The Case of the Disappearing Beaune: A Sherlock Holmes Christmas Story” to your liking.  The story is written by J. Lawrence Matthews, who currently has two audiobooks published at the time of this review.  The… Continue reading The Case of the Disappearing Beaune Audio Book Review