Aces: Book 1 of the Aces Series Audiobook Review

“Aces” is the first book in what is to become an action-packed science fiction series which felt like a blending of the movies Gravity, Die Hard, The Poseidon Adventure along with a much darker version of Home alone.  Throw in a sprinkling of Jurassic Park dinosaurs and trust me, you have a fun and entertaining… Continue reading Aces: Book 1 of the Aces Series Audiobook Review

Pangea Online Book One: Death and Axes: A LitRPG Novel Audiobook Review

“Pangea Online” is the first piece in the newly created “Death and Axes” series which I believe is the initial work from author S. L. Rowland on Audible at the time of this review.  The audiobook is rightly classified as a LitRPG Novel, Literary Role-Playing Game, which often follows one or more characters as they… Continue reading Pangea Online Book One: Death and Axes: A LitRPG Novel Audiobook Review

Black Swan Planet

“Black Swan Planet” is a unique, interesting, and entertaining take on the satirical science fiction genre.  The book is written by James Peters and the audiobook edition is very well narrated by David Swanson.  Let me say that it was the cover art, consisting of a chimpanzee in an astronaut suit, that drew me to… Continue reading Black Swan Planet

The Day of the Martians Audiobook Review

“The Day of the Martians”, authored by H.E. Wilburson and narrated by both Terry Thompson and Harry Preston, is a continuation of the events that occurred in H. J. Well’s “War of the Worlds”.  Those who are familiar with the work of H. G. Wells, believed that all the aliens had been destroyed at the… Continue reading The Day of the Martians Audiobook Review

SMITH Audiobook Review

Quite a different direction from his previous audiobooks, “The Origin of F.O.R.C.E.” and “Dawn of Chrysalis”, which I have previously reviewed, Mr. Miller instead takes us on an Earthly adventure to the regions of Israel.  Our main character (Jake) is growing up in this part of the world because his father is an archeologist and… Continue reading SMITH Audiobook Review

Prophecy of Thol Audiobook Review

“Prophecy of Thol” can best be classified as a young adult (YA), coming of age story, written by Dawn Greenfield Ireland.  It is a story centered around a young woman (D’lane) who is suddenly whisked away into a parallel universe where she has to utilize all her skill and knowledge to survive the recurring nightmare… Continue reading Prophecy of Thol Audiobook Review

Airliner Down Audiobook Review

“Airliner Down” is a fast-paced stand-alone technical thriller written by John Etzil.  For the author’s premiere novel, the book tells a memorable story that feels a little like the movie Die Hard with pieces of Airport 75 sprinkled in. The majority of the events take place on an aircraft over the Pacific Ocean.  For me,… Continue reading Airliner Down Audiobook Review