Open Primary (Ameritocracy Book 1) Audiobook Review

If you are a person who enjoys books filled with political intrigue, computer hacking, election tampering, the pains of starting an online business, and rich billionaires wondering where to spend their money, you will find a great blending of all of these in the recent political thriller from A. C. Fuller.  The book is called… Continue reading Open Primary (Ameritocracy Book 1) Audiobook Review

Titanborn Audiobook Review

If you are a fan of science fiction bounty hunter type stories in the likes of “The Roak” series by Jake Bible or “The Coilhunter” series by Dean Wilson, you will find the first book in the “Children of Titan” series called “Titanborn” to be a welcomed listen.  The book is very well written by… Continue reading Titanborn Audiobook Review

Wildlife: Reckoning Audiobook Review

If you are a person who likes your horror more on the disturbing side of the fence, and you find yourself drawn to movies such as Saw, Friday the 13th, etc., “Wildlife: Reckoning” the latest work published in audiobook format by Jeff Menapace might be just what you are looking for in your next listen. … Continue reading Wildlife: Reckoning Audiobook Review

Horizon Audiobook Review

It is difficult to review a book that has received numerous awards already for its writing, and it seems quite well received by other reviewers.  I was given the pleasure of listening and reviewing “Horizon”, a science fiction romance audiobook written by Tabitha Lord.  Due to an extended long drive, I was able to consume… Continue reading Horizon Audiobook Review

Cyber Wars: Hacks That Shocked the Business World Audiobook Review

“Cyber Wars” subtitled “Hacks That Shocked the Business World” is the second book written by Charles Arthur available on Audible in audiobook format.  His previous work titled “Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the Battle for the Internet” appears to have been well received and reviewed; I may have to give that one a listen… Continue reading Cyber Wars: Hacks That Shocked the Business World Audiobook Review

Living Proof Audiobook Review

If you are a fan of TV shows in the like “24” or if you are a person who enjoys suspense thrillers, I suggest you give “Living Proof” by Peter J. Thompson a listen.  The book is energetic, well-paced, and fast-moving.  It is what one might expect from a thriller story.  The audiobook’s narration is… Continue reading Living Proof Audiobook Review

Broad Band Audiobook Review

If you were like me, you grew up in a very wonderful and exciting world of computers and innovation.  It was the golden age when people like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were building computers in their garages before Apple became a trillion-dollar brand.  Even before this, we had computers that filled entire rooms, used… Continue reading Broad Band Audiobook Review