Hardware, Software, and other Products

This page is dedicated to some of the questions we often get asked regarding our reviews for Hardware, Software, or other Products.  If your question is not addressed below, please use the Contact Us page to send us a note and we will be happy to respond at our earliest availability.

Can I send you my product for review?

Review wordThe simple answer to this question is, Yes.  However, the product has to be something that can be utilized and reviewed; “as is”.  That is to say that if you send us a part that is only a portion of some bigger object, it makes reviewing difficult.  For example, if you sent us a computer product that only functions on a specific model or configuration system which we do not possess, the product could not be reviewed by our team.

If on the other hand you have a product that is “stand-alone”, uses a common computer system, etc.  We would be happy to review the product(s) for you, as long as the other questions below are agreeable.  If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please use the “Contact Us” page.

What do I get in a review from you?

icon2QuellaReviews attempts to provide high quality and detailed reviews meeting or exceeding the below guidelines set by our reviewers.  If you have any questions or special requests, please make sure you include them when contacting us.  Based on the product, and other circumstances, items listed below may not be included in all reviews.  These are simply guidelines we try to adhere too.

  • Reviews consisting of over three-hundred (300) words; average is 600-1000
  • The review will be published on this site when completed
  • The review posts to the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr (currently); others upon request
  • The reviewer will also post the review to Amazon upon request
  • If provided, company or creator names will be included in tweets when the review is published
  • The ability to use any or all of the review’s content as long as the site name is included or referenced

The above is the minimum you can expects when providing products to our team.  Additional items not explicitly covered in the bullets above may or may not be included in posted reviews.

Are there any excluded products?

aussenseiter-5fccda33-e80a-4ac6-8b48-37755e8b9b30Not really.  As long as the first question above is understood, than there are no excluded products, except…

Any product that is illegal, unlawful, or otherwise could get you or us in trouble with law enforcement or other Government, State or Local agencies would be prohibited products from reviewing on this site.  Some of these would include: firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, drugs (prescription and non-prescription), weapons, etc.

Secondly, any product that is adult, erotica, etc. in nature would also fall into the “exclusion list” of products for review due to the intended audience and reach of the site.

Note this list is not all inclusive, other products may be excluded at the site’s desecration without cause or justification.

If you are interested in having our site do a review, and you are unsure if the product fits into the excluded categories above, please contact us and we can discuss any concerns you may have.

What about food based items?

cpg-foods-iconYes, we at QuellaReviews always like good food and we would happily review any products that are in the food category.

As with the other sections, there are a few caveats here also. so, if your product meets the simple guidelines, bring on the food.

The food item must meet the following to be acceptable for reviewing.

The product must:

  • Be intended for human consumption
  • Not be expired or past its “best by” date.
  • Be sealed and in its original packaging (unless a prototype)
  • Be legal to be consumed, see excluded products section above.

As stated elsewhere, products may be excluded at the site’s desecration without cause or justification.

What about prototype products?

prototyping-my-inventionYes.  We have reviewed prototype products for some upon request.  Our reviews will state that the product being reviewed is a prototype and that its final design and functionality may differ from the product reviewed.  Please make sure that prototype products are at a stage that is ready for reviewing (later stages of the design), and not something that is early in the development stages where significant changes may impact the review.

Once the prototype product is out of the design stage and released for general availability, we would be happy to update or change our previous review with the released product details.

Do you do hardware teardown reviews?

image091Yes.  Upon request we can perform a teardown review of select products.  Be aware that this type of review is often destructive in nature and often renders the product useless when the review is complete.  If you request the torn down product be returned, please see the section below on “Shipping and Returning Products”.

Many people find these type of reviews to be fascinating and often drive increased traffic to your site and product.  If you request this type of review, please clearly note any proprietary portions of the product you wish not to be included in the review or shown in any pictures.

Finalization of the teardown post will be reviewed by both parties prior to release so that items that are not desirable to be shown can be removed or obscured from view.  This is not used to discuss the content of the review itself, simply ensuring any details or photos do not contain intellectual property (IP) that should not be covered.

What about shipping or returning products?

paqueteria-barataThe product(s) owner is fully responsible for any costs incurred for shipping products (including their return if requested), any duty, any tax, etc.  Any questions on shipping or returning of products, please use the “Contact Us” page.