About This Site

A few of the questions we are often asked about our site are:

  1. Who is Quella?images
  2. Why do you have this site?
  3. Can you tell me something unique about the founder?
  4. What if I have more questions?

Let me see if we can answer those questions for you below.  If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” page.

Who is Quella?

entername.pngThe answer to this question is rather simple and straight forward.  Remember all those great role playing games (RPGs) that would set you on a quest to save someone from something bad and you were asked to enter the name of your hero?  How about those time when you played Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and you were asked to come up with a name for your special character, did you have one you seemed to use more than others?

This is exactly how and where the name “Quella” came from for our site founder.  A character name was born and it became a super special hero that won many RPG battles, it was the unique D&D character who could conquer the many hoards of goblins, or it was that space hero who could survive and save the planet from ultimate destruction.

Our founding desire for QuellaReviews is that it will be that same hero when it comes to product reviews.  It will help save people from spending their hard earned money on things they would be better off spending on something else, or it can help to direct them to products that are great.

Why do you have this site?

Right+or+Wrong.jpgWe have always found reviews and the people who spend time writing up detail about a product helpful prior to my making any purchasing decisions; be it large or small.  Each of us likes to take the wisdom of others who have been down the same road, but in most cases have learned a bit being first.

Reviews and reviewing products has becomes big business over the years for some, and because of this, reviews and reviewers are often skewed to one extreme or the other.  It is not difficult to look at nearly any highly trafficked shopping site to see product that receive hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews; and most are either five star or one star; few in the middle; and even fewer are very informative.  How can you use these reviews to make an informative choice whether something is good or not?  When you look at the negative reviews, most are for issues with shipping, packaging, credit card charges, etc.  They have nothing to do with the product itself.  While on the other side we see the positive reviews say things like “awesome”, “yeah”, “buy”, but again nothing that helps you decide.  Neither type of review gives a person a good idea of what they are getting or why to get something over something else.

This site is hopefully our way of giving back to all those who came before us and provided great advice with detailed reviews that take time and effort.  We want to provide that same level of detail to people interested in the various products we may have in common, be that hardware, software, or other material such as audiobooks.

images-1.jpgOur reviews are written in a way intended to educate people who desire some extra details or information not often found by other reviewers.  We like to include details in our reviews that would often be important to our own decision making process and try to leave out things that may be irrelevant.

We hope you are able to glean some good information from this site, and we are always willing to review a wide variety of products.

Can you tell us something about the site’s founder?

Quella has been a lover of book and always desired to learn all different things found in books.  However, from an early age, reading was slow, tedious, and often quite difficult.  Reading books made him both mentally and physically tired.  It was not until he was an an adult that Quella was diagnosed with dyslexia; a disorder that affects the connections between the physical world and processing within one’s mind.  Most people believe people with dyslexia simply see look-a-like characters reversed, or specific letter combinations are difficult to sound out.  These are only common and well-known symptoms of this often misunderstood disorder, but it is more complex and some dyslexic’s do not even have the common difficulties.

Dyslexia-Brain-1-300x239.x75898.jpgAudiobooks opened up an entirely new and exciting world that was often out of his reach.  Standard sized books that would take him six to eight months to complete in physical form could be devoured in as little as a day or or a few days at most.  If you struggle with dyslexia, and you have not yet checked out audiobooks as a learning media, I highly recommend you do.  You may be surprised as how much you will learn and enjoy my simply listening to books.

Through the use of modern day technology such as word processors, spell checkers and the faithful narrators, the world of books would have been lost.  Audiobook narrators take time and in some cases make their living, so people like Quella can find what some people would call a lazy person’s way of digesting the information within a book. However, without audiobooks this simple pleasure and exciting world found in books, would have been lost.

We would like to say thank you to those who spend hours upon hours creating new and interesting stories, but we would be remiss if we did not give the same level, or more, to the many narrators who bring these books to life for the dyslexic person.  Thank You!

What if I have other questions?

If you have a product you would like for us to review or you just want to say a friendly hello, please use the Contact Page to reach us.