Banebringer Audiobook Review

“Banebringer” is the first book in the Heretic Gods series and the premiere audiobook from author Carol A. Park. To me, the fantasy story felt a bit like the Mistborn series from author Brandon Sanderson when it comes to its use of magic, whereas the rest of the story is rather unique. The book is… Continue reading Banebringer Audiobook Review

Death’s Collector Audiobook Review

“Death’s Collector” is the first audiobook in the “Deals with Death” series which is a dark fantasy book filled with mythical lands oozing with sarcasm and humor.  One gets a good idea of what to expect in this from the author’s Audible page and the publisher’s company name. How does one get any writing done… Continue reading Death’s Collector Audiobook Review

Oceanworlds Audiobook Review

Quoting the new audiobook Oceanworlds, “Things are easy when you have no choice”.  When in space, choices can equate to disaster or worse. The story consists of an expansive and expressive contemporary science fiction space experience in the likes of the hit movie Interstellar (more on this later) with some rather unique and interesting events… Continue reading Oceanworlds Audiobook Review

U-10 Audiobook Review

If you have become tired of the standard first-contact science fiction stories, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with Sam B. Miller’s new audiobook release simply called “U-10”.  Not only is the story well expressed and the action flows like white-water rapids, the audiobook’s narration by John Pirhalla was professionally performed and flawless in… Continue reading U-10 Audiobook Review

West End Droids and East End Dames Book 3 Easytown Audiobook Review

Author Brian Parker and audiobook narrator Daniel Penz hit another home run in the Easytown series of science fiction noir novels.  The third book in the series is titled “West End Droids & East End Dames”.  If you have not yet listened to any of the Easytown stories, I highly recommend you give them all… Continue reading West End Droids and East End Dames Book 3 Easytown Audiobook Review

Tears of a Clone Book 2 Easytown Audiobook Review

Brian Parker once again pulls off a gritty grimy future cyberpunk noir tale in his second audiobook of the Easytown series called “Tears of a Clone”.  I very much enjoyed the first book in the series, and I was happy to listen and review the second.  The author tells a rich, full, detailed, and engrossing… Continue reading Tears of a Clone Book 2 Easytown Audiobook Review

Star Crusades: Valentine Audiobook Review

“Star Crusades: Valentine” is the first audiobook in what is to become an epic space marine sage under the series with the same title.  If you are one who enjoys listening to large battles involving massive cruisers and battleships along with the men and women on the front line fighting for their lives, I think… Continue reading Star Crusades: Valentine Audiobook Review