Riders Where There Are No Roads Audiobook Review

“Riders where there are no roads” is the first book in the “Riders of the Weird West” series.  The new series spawned from a prequel book entitled “The Cowboys of Cthulhu”.  The book is written by David Bain and the audiobook edition is skillfully narrated by Daniel Penz; available on Audible.  Let me say up… Continue reading Riders Where There Are No Roads Audiobook Review

Daisy’s Gambit Audiobook Review

Scott Baron (author) and Vivienne Leheny (narrator) bring the third exciting audiobook in “The Clockwork Chimera” series to our listening ears in “Daisy’s Gambit”.  Here the listener gets the pleasure of tagging along with Daisy and her rather odd team of helpers (AI, human, and alien) while they attempt to save to world and much… Continue reading Daisy’s Gambit Audiobook Review

Portal Thief Charlie Audiobook Review

“Portal Thief Charlie” is the sixth book in the “Dragon Mage” series written by Scott Baron and the audiobook edition, on Audible, is nicely narrated by Gary Bennett.  The series continues to expand on not only upon events and villains, but a number of new locations and some old ones as well.  Mr. Baron has… Continue reading Portal Thief Charlie Audiobook Review

Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook Review

What a pleasure it has been to continue with the wonderfully written “Dragon Mage” series by Scott Baron.  This audiobook review covers the fifth audiobook in the series, and I can only say that Charlie’s adventures get even more complex and vast as things progress.  In “Star Fighter Charlie”, Baron has done an exceptional job… Continue reading Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook Review

Deep Roots Audiobook Review

If you are one who adores well-written and expertly researched action adventures which can stand alongside the excitement and thrills of an Indiana Jones movie, you will want to have a listen to this new audiobook.   Nick Sullivan is both the author and narrator of a recently released story in his ever expanding “The Deep… Continue reading Deep Roots Audiobook Review

Pushing Daisy Audiobook Review

Scott Baron (author) and Vivienne Leheny (Narrator) bring us the second enthralling audiobook of the “Clockwork Chimera” series entitled “Pushing Daisy”.  This audiobook picks up right where the first one left off, so if you have not listened to that one yet, I highly recommend you do.  The series is a blending of both space… Continue reading Pushing Daisy Audiobook Review

Daisy’s Run Audiobook Review

“Daisy’s Run” is the first book in the recently released “Clockwork Chimera” series written by Scott Baron.  If you like science fiction with twist upon twist, you are in for a treat with this new series that has a strong lead female character.  Additionally, Scott Baron is the author of the wonderfully written “Dragon Mage”… Continue reading Daisy’s Run Audiobook Review