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If I send you an audiobook code, will you review it?

audible_mobile_promo_redeemQuellaReviews has the right of refusal of any book for any reason without providing a reason or justification for refusing.  That is to say, if the site is sent an audiobook code that would not be reviewed for any reason, QuellaReviews will not redeem the audiobook code and in most cases notify the sender if able that the book will not be reviewed.  Audiobook codes will only be redeemed if the book has the potential of being reviewed by the site; except for the reasons listed below.

bad-review-writeIn rare cases where a book is not going to receive a favorable review (3-5 stars) for one or more reasons, we will attempt to contact the person who provided the audiobook code (author, narrator, or publisher) in a timely fashion letting them know of the issue.  The submitter can decide if they would like the review published on the site or not; as is.

When an audiobook code has been redeemed, the site sees this as an obligation between the two parties (the submitter and the site) that should be fulfilled if at all possible. Unless, one or both of the parties deems posting the review to be non-productive publishing a highly negative review.

Are there audiobooks or genres you will not review?

6360057191805344941910830695_GenreThe reviewers of this site are very open to nearly all types of books covering a number of different genres.  However, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) and Fantasy are the ones enjoyed mostly by our current reviewers.  Other genres often reviewed on the site include: business, comedy, suspense, mystery along with a mix of nearly everything else apart from the list provided below.

ee54744ab96c05ec29823138c54f5291It should also be noted that our reviewers will point out books containing an unusual amount of vulgar language, sexual content, or graphic violence.  This is not saying books containing such will not be reviewed on this site.  However, the reviews themselves will provide details pointing this out so parents and/or younger readers of our reviews know what to expect when purchasing a book.

please-do-not-touch-signs-513443The site DOES NOT review the following book genres based on its target audience.  Please note if you send an audiobook code that falls into one of the below genres the code will not be redeemed and a review will not be published.  The reason we have a list of book genres that will not be reviewed is that we currently do not have reviewers who enjoy the below material and it would be difficult to review them in a positive light.

  • Adult / Erotica from any genre
  • Romance from any genre
  • Childrens from any genre

Why mostly audiobooks and what about digital/physical books?

The site will review digital and physical books upon request.  Note, digital and physical book formats often take longer for the team to get through and review than their audiobook counterpart.  If an audiobook is available, this is the preferred format, but exceptions have been made for other formats when needed.

When in doubt, simply ask in the contact us page and we will let you know.

What do I get in exchange for providing a code?

icon2QuellaReviews attempts to provide high quality and detailed reviews meeting or exceeding the below guidelines set by our reviewers.  If you have any questions or special requests, please make sure you include them when contacting us.  Based on the content, length, or other circumstances, items listed below may not be included in all reviews.  They are simply guidelines we try to adhere too.

  • Reviews consisting of over three-hundred (300) words; average is 600-1000
  • A paragraph or more focused on narration or audio, more if needed
  • The review will be published on this site when completed
  • The review posts to the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr (currently)
  • The reviewer will also post the review to Audible and GoodReads, and upon request to Amazon’s book page
  • If provided, author and narrator names will be included in tweets; @author @narrator
  • The ability to use any or all of the review’s content as long as the information is properly cited.  Please give credit where due.

The above is the minimum you can expects when providing an audiobook code to this site.  Additional items not explicitly covered in the bullets above may or may not be included in posted reviews.

How log does it take?

Based on the site’s current workload, we try to publish submitted reviews within a 30-day window of redeeming codes.  Often reviews are posted quicker than that, but this provides us with a manageable window to work from.  If there are special cases, let us know when you contact us and we will be happy to see if we can work something out.    On average, the site posts most reviews within 7-14 days from code redemption; based on book length, backlogs, etc.

Still want to send a code?

If you have read and understand the above details and you still would like to submit a promotional code for an audiobook to be reviewed by our site, great!  Codes for audiobooks or digital books should be submitted using US promotion codes; if able.  If a US promotion code is unavailable, let us know and we will try working something out.  Please contact us using our “Contact Us” page found on the home page, or simply click this -> link.