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reviewer_318-1547.jpgHere at QuellaReviews, we enjoy reviewing a number of various hardware, software, and other items we think people may be interested in hearing about.  Those involved in the site also listen to quite a few audiobook along the way and have found reviews by others quite helpful in our making a decision to purchase or not.  As things get more and more expensive, good reviews are harder to find.

We try as hard as possible to make our reviews without bias, however there are always things that influence how one sees or experiences something; but we try our best.  When a product is provided to the site in exchange for a review, we make sure to disclose this information at the bottom of the review so you can decide if a review was in any way influenced or not.  For those posts without a disclaimer at the bottom, the products were purchased using our own money.

Our reviews try to point out things we would want to know about a product prior to making a purchase, including its strengths or weaknesses, its good and bad aspects, etc.  We also want to try to make the reviews as informative and yet fun at the same time; when possible.  We as a site are always open to any suggestions or recommendations from others in the reviewing community.  Feel free to leave a comment using the details below.

Authors, Narrators, and Publishers Note

Author.jpgIf you are an author, narrator, or publisher who is interested in sending in an audiobook code to be reviewed, please ensure you are aware of of the the details and caveats found in the special section just for you.

You can find it on the main page menu (left side), or by clicking HERE and you will be taken right to the page.  If you have already read the information on that page, and you would still like to contact us, please use the information below.

Note: promotion codes should be provided using US (United States) codes if able.  If there is an issue with providing a US based code, contact us and we will try to work out a solution for both parties.

Hardware, Software, and Other Products

hsware-header-icon.pngIf you a piece of hardware, software, or other type of products you would like to review, please have a look page covering these items along with some details you may want to be aware of before contacting us to do a review.

You can locate this section on the main page (left side), or by simply clicking HERE and you will be taken to the detailed page.  If you have already read the information on that suggested page, and you would still like to contact us, please use the information below.

How to contact us?at_2

If you would like to contact us to review a specific product(s) or if you have questions about something in one of our reviews, please feel free to fill out the form below or leave a comment on a post.

You can also reach us via the following:

Twitter: @QuellaReviews
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Reddit: /r/quellareviews
Email: quellareviews [at] gmail [dot] com