The Dispatcher Audiobook Review

The Dispatcher is a novella that was released in 2017 by well-known author John Scalzi.  The book is just over 100 pages in length with the audio version, superbly narrated by Zachary Quinto, at nearly two and a half hours long.  The best way to describe this book is a rather dark noir science fiction… Continue reading The Dispatcher Audiobook Review

Way Station Audiobook Review

It can be difficult reviewing a piece of classic science fiction that has been around for nearly four decades, however I picked up this book recently and was surprised that I had not read or listened to it earlier; I enjoyed it very much.  “Way Station” by Clifford D. Simak and expertly narrated by Eric… Continue reading Way Station Audiobook Review

14 Audiobook Review

Ok, let me start by saying, if you like really well-written and narrated science fiction packed with action, mystery and suspense, stop reading this review right now and start reading/listening to “14” by Peter Clines.  The book is outstandingly narrated by Ray Porter who more recently narrated the books in the Bobiverse series (in my… Continue reading 14 Audiobook Review