Nowhere Man Audiobook Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to possess an invisibility suit and leverage this enormous power to take revenge on your enemies?  This is a dream that I believe everyone has thought of at least once while growing up.  Well, in “Nowhere Man” by author David Gerrold and narrated by Daniel Penz,… Continue reading Nowhere Man Audiobook Review

Deep Focus Audiobook Review

Nick Sullivan continues to impress and improve his ever expanding “The Deep” series of audiobooks.  With every new release, each story in the series builds upon the previous ones.  However, it is nice that you can simply pick up any of the books in the series and enjoy them as a stand-alone novel if so… Continue reading Deep Focus Audiobook Review

A Fist Full of Credits Audiobook Review

This audiobook was a bit two-sided when it comes to its focus on being a lit RPG.  I really enjoyed a good portion of the story and its RPG elements.  However, I wanted more in a few places making it feel like the character was maturing as he leveled up.  The audiobook, “A Fist Full… Continue reading A Fist Full of Credits Audiobook Review

Little Horrors Audiobook Review

Let me first start this review by saying “wow”, what an enjoyable set of stories in this anthology by author David Gerrold.  Because the horror genre is not one of my favorites, I came to this audiobook with reserve, but I can say I was very happy I listened, and I would recommend it to… Continue reading Little Horrors Audiobook Review

Deadly Silence Audiobook Review

If you have listened to any of the other action-packed and shadowy “Silence Jones” series authored by Erik Carter, “Deadly Science” is a novella covering the beginning of our protagonist, silence Jones himself.  The audiobook edition is made even better with the exceptional narration performed by Gary Bennett, who also narrates the wonderful “Dragon Mage”… Continue reading Deadly Silence Audiobook Review

Hush Hush (Book 2) Audiobook Review

If you like your stories with a bit of grit and vast amounts of action along with plenty of mystery and secret organizations, the second book in the “Silence Jones Acton Thrillers” series by Erik Carter may be just the thing for you to have a listen to.  “Hush Hush” is the next book in… Continue reading Hush Hush (Book 2) Audiobook Review

The Suppressor (Book 1) Audiobook Review

If you are into stories of action and you like to be thrilled along the way, I can recommend you give “The Suppressor” a listen; it is the first book in the “Silence Jones Action Thrillers Series”.  The story is on the edge of being a bit noirish, but not over the top graphically.  I… Continue reading The Suppressor (Book 1) Audiobook Review

The Bitcoin Book Audiobook Review

Have you ever wondered what all the hype and talk around Bitcoin was about?  Have you asked yourself if you should own a piece of this digital currency, and if you did, what would you do with it?  What are all these other cryptocurrencies people are speaking about, the blockchain, and the jumble of other… Continue reading The Bitcoin Book Audiobook Review

The Lawyer’s Luck Audiobook Review

The year is 1844 and the place is Oberlin, Ohio in the United States of America.  It is a very different Ohio than the one you may know and recognize today.  Yet, it is the perfect setting for this short historical romance novella entitled “The Lawyer’s Luck: A Home to Milford College Prequel Novella”.  This… Continue reading The Lawyer’s Luck Audiobook Review