Magic Man Charlie Audiobook Review

Applauses all around and a big thank you to both Scott Baron and Gary Bennett for bringing another Dragon Mage series audiobook to the Audible listeners.  I recently listened to “Magic Man Charlie” and I can say that our main character has come quite a long way from his previous bad luck experiences.  However, this… Continue reading Magic Man Charlie Audiobook Review

Cold Cosmos Audiobook Review

“Cold Cosmos” is the first book in the “Last Night on Earth” series which appears to be the start of a new and exciting space opera.  The book is a zany, fun, satirical and overall humorous blending of science fiction story with a western flair woven in for added interest.  The book is authored by… Continue reading Cold Cosmos Audiobook Review

Criminal Macabre Audiobook Review

“Criminal Macabre” is a collection of “Cal McDonald” stories wrapped up in a single audiobook volume.  The stories consist of over thirteen hours of audio containing all of the material from the Cal McDonald books one thought five.  A few of the stories are novellas where the others are more short stories.  The compiled stories… Continue reading Criminal Macabre Audiobook Review

Terror in Appalachia Audiobook Review

“Terror in Appalachia” is the second book in the “Terror Series” of books written by J. Esker Miller.  The series appears to be the first work by the author, and both stories are currently available in audiobook format on Audible.  The audiobook’s narration was performed by Ward Paxton who is a narrator which I have… Continue reading Terror in Appalachia Audiobook Review

The Angel of Meridian

“The Angel of Meridian” is the second audiobook released on Audible by author Justin Hyde.  It is an action adventure and science fiction merged story packed with suspense, intrigue and even some elements of horror wrapped up inside.  The audiobook edition is masterfully narrated by one of my current favorite narrators of the “Dragon Mage”… Continue reading The Angel of Meridian

The Smoke Audiobook Review

“The Smoke” is the third audiobook in the wonderfully written historic “Tales from the Revolution” series by Lars D. H. Hedbor.  The book’s Audible narration was professionally performed by Shamaan Casey; who has narrated the previous books in the series as well.  This series of audiobooks place the listener in various locations around the United… Continue reading The Smoke Audiobook Review

Eridani’s Crown Audiobook Review

“Eridani’s Crown” is an epic coming of age fantasy story centered upon revenge and the desire to make things right.  The tale is authored by Alex Shvartsman who has a few other audiobooks currently available on Audible.   The audiobook edition is rather well narrated by Nicola Chapman even though it appears this is his first… Continue reading Eridani’s Crown Audiobook Review