Checkmate Charlie Audiobook Review

How does one bring to a close a long-running series of nine audiobooks which follow the humble beginnings of a brilliant, unconfident, and immature spaceship engineer?  Yet, in this series we get the honor of seeing him grow and become even something he could never imagine.  From takeoff to level flight, the Dragon Mage series… Continue reading Checkmate Charlie Audiobook Review

Warp Speed Charlie Audiobook Review

As we come to the second to last audiobook in this wonderful science fiction series, Charlie and his amazing adventures continue to impress and grow on me.  I’m not sure if Scott Baron (author) had everything worked out from the start, but each of the books in the series has a great flow and consistency. … Continue reading Warp Speed Charlie Audiobook Review

Rebel Mage Charlie Audiobook Review

“Rebel Mage Charlie” is the seventh book in Scott Baron’s wonderfully written “The Dragon Mage” series.  What started off as a humors and light-hearted science fiction space adventure has become a well-crafted story enjoyable by almost anyone.  In this audiobook, we have more magic, mechs, and mayhem.  I could easily see this series becoming a… Continue reading Rebel Mage Charlie Audiobook Review

Primal Link Audiobook Review

“Primal Link” is the first science fiction space military story in what appears to be a newly formed series.  Today, there are two books available in the series with only one in audiobook format.  The story feels familiar at times, to those who enjoy the genre, but it includes many unique twists and turns along… Continue reading Primal Link Audiobook Review

Daisy’s War Audiobook Review

“Daisy’s War” is the fifth and last book in the “Clockwork Chimera” series and what a ride it has been.  I will miss Daisy and her combined crew of humans and AIs.  If you want more of her, make sure you listen to the author’s Dragon Mage series as many of them are in this… Continue reading Daisy’s War Audiobook Review

Annke Floodlight Security Camera (l41MV) Review

Introduction QuellaReviews had the privilege of receiving an Annke model l41MV AI-based motion-activated floodlight security camera evaluation unit for our analysis and review.  We may, upon request from our readers, do a teardown of the unit in a future post.  In a world where physical security is becoming more and more important, this unit is… Continue reading Annke Floodlight Security Camera (l41MV) Review

Clones: The Anthology Audiobook Review

“Clones: The Anthology” is just that, it is a collection of eleven short stories or vignettes covering topics involving clones, cloning, moral issues related to cloning, impact upon society, and overall topics involving inclusion.  It is the first in what I hope will become many books in the “Frontiers of Speculative Fiction” series available on… Continue reading Clones: The Anthology Audiobook Review

Chasing Daisy Audiobook Review

The fourth book in “The Clockwork Chimera” series is one that takes the storyline in an entirely new and interesting direction; think the fourth direction.  In “Chasing Daisy”, things begin to get more fun, more interesting, and more complex as Daisy and her team not only battle aliens who are intent on taking over the… Continue reading Chasing Daisy Audiobook Review

Riders Where There Are No Roads Audiobook Review

“Riders where there are no roads” is the first book in the “Riders of the Weird West” series.  The new series spawned from a prequel book entitled “The Cowboys of Cthulhu”.  The book is written by David Bain and the audiobook edition is skillfully narrated by Daniel Penz; available on Audible.  Let me say up… Continue reading Riders Where There Are No Roads Audiobook Review

Daisy’s Gambit Audiobook Review

Scott Baron (author) and Vivienne Leheny (narrator) bring the third exciting audiobook in “The Clockwork Chimera” series to our listening ears in “Daisy’s Gambit”.  Here the listener gets the pleasure of tagging along with Daisy and her rather odd team of helpers (AI, human, and alien) while they attempt to save to world and much… Continue reading Daisy’s Gambit Audiobook Review