The Genesis Conspiracy Audiobook Review

Author James D. Prescott and narrator Gary Tiedemann once again team up and pull off an exciting action-packed thriller in “The Genesis Conspiracy”.  It is a bit shorter than the author’s other works at just under six in a half hours of audio, but as a listener, the book is fulfilling, enjoyable and engaging.  If… Continue reading The Genesis Conspiracy Audiobook Review

City of Sand Audiobook Review

“City of Sand” is a pleasant and welcomed change from your standard piece of contemporary science fiction found today on Audible.  The book is written by Robert Kroese who currently has authored nearly twenty books at the time of this review; most appear to be well received.  The audiobook’s narration is decently performed by Jennifer… Continue reading City of Sand Audiobook Review

Autonomous Future Book 1 of the Autonomous Series Audiobook Review

If you are a fan of artificial intelligence (AI) or enjoy a decent story of what such a future may look like, you might want to pick up the debut novel “Autonomous Future” by Victor Illian.  It is a multifaceted tail of computers (much more powerful than a TRS-80 which the author worked on.) which… Continue reading Autonomous Future Book 1 of the Autonomous Series Audiobook Review

Robot-Proof Audiobook Review

It is no surprise that in recent times, people and process have been augmented, and in many places completely replaced, by robots or automation that previously required human intervention to achieve.  The initial roles replaced by mechanization were those of factory workers or laborers where repetitive tasks or sets of tasks needed to be performed. … Continue reading Robot-Proof Audiobook Review

Extinction Countdown Book 2 of the Ancient Origins Series Audiobook Review

“Extinction Countdown” is the second book in the “Ancient Origins” Series, and I can say this book is just as good as the first, which I previously reviewed; if not better.  The story is very well crafted by James D. Prescott, and even though he is a rather new author, I have found his books… Continue reading Extinction Countdown Book 2 of the Ancient Origins Series Audiobook Review

Planetside Audiobook Review

“Planetside” is a rollercoaster ride of action, adventure and conspiracy.  It is a military contemporary science fiction story which appears to be right in the author’s comfort zone. The book is authored by Michael Mammay, and it appears this is his first work published on Audible.    I could not think of a better narrator for… Continue reading Planetside Audiobook Review

IoTaWatt Energy Monitoring Device Review

Have you ever sat and wondered the amount of energy a given device in your house uses?  How about the energy use of your entire house?  You may have even purchased one of many devices like the Kill-A-Watt, so you can attach it to an outlet and connect a device like a TV to see… Continue reading IoTaWatt Energy Monitoring Device Review