Dead Air (Silence Jones Book #5) Audiobook Review

It is always a pleasure to have a new Silence Jones action thriller to listen to, and I can say that this newer one in the series (book 5) was just as good as the others, if not a bit better.  If you have had the chance to listen to any of them, I would… Continue reading Dead Air (Silence Jones Book #5) Audiobook Review

Before the Storm (book 4) Audiobook Review

“Before the Storm” is the fourth book in the Silence Jones Action Thrillers series of audiobooks available on Audible, and I can say that each audiobook in this series keeps getting better and better.  If you are looking for a series that is filled with action and thrills, this is the one you will want… Continue reading Before the Storm (book 4) Audiobook Review

Deadly Silence Audiobook Review

If you have listened to any of the other action-packed and shadowy “Silence Jones” series authored by Erik Carter, “Deadly Science” is a novella covering the beginning of our protagonist, silence Jones himself.  The audiobook edition is made even better with the exceptional narration performed by Gary Bennett, who also narrates the wonderful “Dragon Mage”… Continue reading Deadly Silence Audiobook Review

Hush Hush (Book 2) Audiobook Review

If you like your stories with a bit of grit and vast amounts of action along with plenty of mystery and secret organizations, the second book in the “Silence Jones Acton Thrillers” series by Erik Carter may be just the thing for you to have a listen to.  “Hush Hush” is the next book in… Continue reading Hush Hush (Book 2) Audiobook Review

The Suppressor (Book 1) Audiobook Review

If you are into stories of action and you like to be thrilled along the way, I can recommend you give “The Suppressor” a listen; it is the first book in the “Silence Jones Action Thrillers Series”.  The story is on the edge of being a bit noirish, but not over the top graphically.  I… Continue reading The Suppressor (Book 1) Audiobook Review

Checkmate Charlie Audiobook Review

How does one bring to a close a long-running series of nine audiobooks which follow the humble beginnings of a brilliant, unconfident, and immature spaceship engineer?  Yet, in this series we get the honor of seeing him grow and become even something he could never imagine.  From takeoff to level flight, the Dragon Mage series… Continue reading Checkmate Charlie Audiobook Review

Warp Speed Charlie Audiobook Review

As we come to the second to last audiobook in this wonderful science fiction series, Charlie and his amazing adventures continue to impress and grow on me.  I’m not sure if Scott Baron (author) had everything worked out from the start, but each of the books in the series has a great flow and consistency. … Continue reading Warp Speed Charlie Audiobook Review

Rebel Mage Charlie Audiobook Review

“Rebel Mage Charlie” is the seventh book in Scott Baron’s wonderfully written “The Dragon Mage” series.  What started off as a humors and light-hearted science fiction space adventure has become a well-crafted story enjoyable by almost anyone.  In this audiobook, we have more magic, mechs, and mayhem.  I could easily see this series becoming a… Continue reading Rebel Mage Charlie Audiobook Review

Primal Link Audiobook Review

“Primal Link” is the first science fiction space military story in what appears to be a newly formed series.  Today, there are two books available in the series with only one in audiobook format.  The story feels familiar at times, to those who enjoy the genre, but it includes many unique twists and turns along… Continue reading Primal Link Audiobook Review

Portal Thief Charlie Audiobook Review

“Portal Thief Charlie” is the sixth book in the “Dragon Mage” series written by Scott Baron and the audiobook edition, on Audible, is nicely narrated by Gary Bennett.  The series continues to expand on not only upon events and villains, but a number of new locations and some old ones as well.  Mr. Baron has… Continue reading Portal Thief Charlie Audiobook Review