Narrator Audiobook Review

“Narrator” is a slow-burn suspense thriller that quickly ignites into a raging bonfire as the story progresses.  What seems to be a simple and safe job involving professional narration, quickly goes into multiple nightmare events that would turn anybody’s life completely around.  When our main character falls from the graces of being a renowned playwright along with his established acting career, due to a tragic event and drugs, he turns to the quieter and less people facing role of narrating audiobooks.  This audiobook is authored by Landon Beach who is well known for his many thrillers, this being the first one I have had the pleasure of listening to.  The audiobook is narrated by Scott Brick who is a very prolific voice of nearly nine hundred audiobooks on Audible today.  I can say that I have enjoyed and reviewed many of his works over the years.  His narration skills are top-of-the-line, and I have never been disappointed with any of his current works.  If you enjoy thrillers with ample unexpected twists and turns, along with the irony that you are listening to a narrated audiobook about a narrator, I think you will really like giving this audiobook a listen.

I can say that I quite enjoyed the story and just how much I learned about the profession of audiobook narration along the way.  Much, like writing, narration take multiple skills and dedication to replicate not only what the author intended, but also to bring it to life in audio form that the listener will enjoy.  There is a lot of pressure to get things right, and yet we as the listener often do not understand the number of retakes producing such a flawless works involves.  Even the pressure and complexity of what appears simple, narrating is more like perfecting a game of golf.  It was also stated that a narrator cannot make a bad book good, but they can enhance a good book to make it a great one.  Learning what I did just though this audiobook has given me a new appreciation and understanding of what goes into the making of an audiobook. 

The story takes place in 2023, so it involves a present day (a bit in the future) timeline giving it a more grounded are realistic feel.  Even though it was a bit of a slow start, the author spent a few chapters laying the backstory and giving us character details.  The action and thrill pick up quickly when you reach chapter five.   Here we see the first of several scary events that occur to our narrator, the main character.  Once you reach this part of the story, the thrill of the ride kicks in and the emotional meter kicks up to level ten.  The kidnapping and forcing him to narrate another’s story are only the start of his troubles and the mystery of who-dun-it becomes the priority and it envelops his life.  Because of his previous drug abuse issues, even his closest friends begin to distance themselves from him.  Or are they the ones that created all of this in the first place and for their own benefit?  You will be wondering who and how as you listen to the audiobook, and this is the main hook to this tale. 

For me, the author did a wonderful job of allowing us to see into not only the physical trauma our character faced, but we really get a view of the emotional impact as well.  Even if it was a bit slow to start, I found the story well worth the listen and it is a tale I will not quickly forget, like so many other audiobooks available.  The characters were well developed, and the scenes were well described while allowing the listener to fill in some of their own details.  Once the action and mystery get moving, the story draws you in and you want to continue listening to discover if he will ever get things resolved. 

Talking about the audiobook’s narration, Scott Brick has narrated some of the most popular and anticipated book over these past few years.  I have always found his narrations to be professional in their quality and easy to listen to.  He can draw the listener in to the story with his use of inflection and his giving personality to each of the characters.  I’m unsure if any of our main characters narration rituals are also followed by Mr. Brick, but I would not put it past him with his audio coming out without any issues or perceived patches.  We often take for granted just how much work it takes to narrate an audiobook and even more one that is about an audiobook narration.  I think Mr. Brick did an exceptional job with this audiobook’s narration. 

For parents and younger audiences, I would say that this audiobook is really focused at a more mature listener.  It contains profanity along with some drug use which may not be appropriate for younger listeners.  The story could be rather complex for some younger audiences to follow along with some graphic violence.  Again, it is a good listen if you are not offended by any of the above items.

In summary, the story is a unique play being that the main character is an audiobook narrator.  We are given a unique and well researched view into what it takes to narrate an audiobook, something most of us listeners take for granted.  The audiobook’s narration by Scott Brick was exceptional and well delivered.  The story is engrossing and has many weaves as it unfolds.  If you enjoy thrillers and would also like to be educated about what it take to narrate an audiobook, I would recommend you pick this one up and give it a listen. 

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