Before the Storm (book 4) Audiobook Review

“Before the Storm” is the fourth book in the Silence Jones Action Thrillers series of audiobooks available on Audible, and I can say that each audiobook in this series keeps getting better and better.  If you are looking for a series that is filled with action and thrills, this is the one you will want to give a listen to.  I can say that I have enjoyed seeing how our protagonist handles the many different and unique situations he is placed in, yet his in not invincible.  I enjoy the fact that every release in the series can be treated as a stand-alone listen but having previous knowledge of the events of this man’s life truly brings depth to the story.  I would recommend you start with the first audiobook and work your way through them in order, it is well worth your time and credits.  Erik Carter continues to surprise me with new and exciting events that keep the story line’s twists and turns coming and aways new.  And by the fourth book, I could not imagine anyone else doing the audiobook’s narration than Gary Bennett.  If you like your action and thrills a bit gritty and raw, this is a series for you.

As with the previous audiobooks, this one opens with a bang and the listener is dropped right into a catastrophic event.  From the very beginning the story starts to unwrap and we know that Silence Jones, and the mysterious Watchers, will be getting involved to right a wrong.  This covert organization can deal out justice where the traditional justice system has its hands tied.  As with many in the series, the story proceeds with Silence knocking on a person’s door and handing them his business card.  It is also a time we are given a listen into his past throat injury.  So many characters are enthralled when he first speaks and mesmerized by his deep and raspy sound.  Here the listener is given a glance into the character’s past actions and activities with some welcomed flashbacks.  I find these breadcrumbs of details enlightening and a means of people jumping into the series to get a glimpse of who Silence really is.

As much as Silence Jones is perceived as a hardline killer, the author continues to reveal just how much this man depends on his feelings and emotions.  He continues to miss his long-lost love and his interactions with his blind neighbor friend.  I enjoy a character that has a strong personality but also an emotional side that makes him somewhat vulnerable.   For me, Silence is that James Bond like character along with the backing of the Watchers and their wonderful technology and what appears to be unlimited funds.  Another aspect that stood out for me in this series was its placement in the 90s and how the author wove in what we would consider to be vintage items such as VCRs into the story.  Thrown in the fear mongering of violent video games during this time, and you can begin to see where this story might be going.  From a writing perspective, I like that Silence continues to grow and mature over each audiobook, but his demeanor remains consistent.   His actions, no matter how harsh, are what one would expect him to do once you get to know him.  This in no way makes him predictable, yet when acting on an event, his actions match his nature. 

The audiobook’s narration was performed wonderfully.  Gary Bennett is one of my all-time favorites when it comes to audiobook series and narration.  His character voicing and pacing is exceptional.  His audio quality is professional and consistent throughout the series.  His ability to voice many different people and add the right amount of inflection to the story keeps the listener always engaged.  He has a good understanding of the material he is narrating, and it shows in all his audiobooks I have had the pleasure listening to. 

For parents and younger readers, I would advise that only more mature listeners give this series a try.  There is quite a bit of graphic violence, some sexual content and profanity.  It is well written, but if the above items offend you in any way, I advise you listen to a different series from this one. 

In summary, even though this is the fourth audiobook in the series, it continues to be fresh and exciting.  The author always surprises me with new predicaments and thrills along the way.  The audiobook’s narration is top-notch and aligns well with the story and characters.  If you are looking for action and excitement, I can say that is series will fill that desire.  Looking forward to the next audiobook in the series to be released!

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