Timeless A Tropical Authors Audiobook Review

If you are a person who enjoys action packed tropical adventures with plenty of mystery and suspense, you may find that listening to Timeless is the right audiobook to fill that need.  Timeless is the newly released second book in the Tropical Authors series which is overflowing with wonderful characters and just as many beautiful Caribbean locations.  If you have listened to any of the previous well-known Tropical Authors such as: Wayne Stinnett, John H. Cunningham, Nick Sullivan, or Nicholas Harvey, you have a good idea of what you will find in this newer, and well received series.  I have been a big fan of Nick Sullivan’s “The Deep” and “Zombie Bigfoot” series and it was good to find similarities from other authors out there.  Even more, it is another series of audiobooks which is skillfully narrated by Mr. Sullivan as well.  I find all of his work professional and engrossing.  If you have listened to other audiobooks by these authors, you will enjoy the collaboration and cross character play from the individual authors.  I would highly recommend you pick up this audiobook along with the first in the newer Tropical Authors series.

As a private pilot, I found the opening sequence fascinating and rather nerve racking.  A night landing on water is a pilots worst nightmare next to a fire in the cockpit.  The descriptive scenes and vivid imagery that ran consistently throughout the audiobook really caught my attention and brought me into the story.  If I had to describe the audiobook, I would say that it was more like an “Indiana Jones” movie taking place in the Caribbean instead of Egypt.  It is simply loaded with action and adventure from start to finish.  In this story, the listener is given a view of the lush Cayman islands and we are again watching over Emily and Boone while they, and a few newer characters to me, are thrown into a mystery that spans a swath of history.  I found the audiobook’s  flashbacks to be a new addition from previous works I’m familiar with, and I rather liked it. I had no former knowledge of the other main characters in the book (mostly from the other Tropical Authors series I have not listened to) fun and likable.  As with the earlier “The Deep” series, the listener is also brought into the world of undersea diving.  Not as much in this audiobook, but it was still a learning experience for me to hear about people who free dive.

The audiobook contained a few pokes at pop culture along with some funny parts to help relieve the tension.  I also thought that the characters felt more vulnerable than ones from other series.  The character complexity ranged from the down to earth locals, women in stilettos and tight dresses, to high-up killers and even some royals.  The story does a good job of weaving in details and slowly releases hints along the way.  One’s search for the event that took place in the past, reveals something that was thought to be hidden forever.  For me, the tale felt cohesive and well portrayed even when written by a number of authors.  If you did not know it, you would have suspected that a single author penned the story.  I have to give kudos to the authors for achieving this one.  

Speaking of the audiobook’s narration, I can not say enough for Mr. Sullivan’s ability and skill when it comes to his audiobook narrations.  The audio is often easy to listen to with consistent volume levels.  I did want to note that I believe there were at least two places where I think the audio was briefly patched, but this was almost unnoticeable.  Apart from this, it was top notch and I am still amazed at his ability to pull off narrating female characters well along with the many accents and dialects these series of stories require.  So, another great job by Mr. Sullivan on this one.

For parents and younger audiences, some profanity was sprinkled in the story, mostly by one specific character.  Also, be aware that some elements of sexual cotent or discussions involving adult toys were also included. Lastly, the story contains some graphic violence which may not be appropriate for all audiences.  I would recommend the audiobook for more mature listeners only.  

In summary, this audiobook contains quite an adventure in its nearly nine hours.  As with other works I have reviewed by these authors, I always find the afterwards chapter fascinating.  If you normally skip them, make sure to give it a listen.  The level of research and people involved in making an audiobook like this one amazes me.  The story is solid, the action flows, and all of the characters (apart from the villian) were likable.  All I can say is that I look forward to future works by these authors and the narrator. 

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