The Last Case of Sherlock Holmes Audiobook Review

I have never been an avid listener of Sherlock Holmes like stories, but I do enjoy well written tales that draw me in no matter the genre.  For this audiobook, I wanted to complete it no matter other pressing activities I needed to finish, yes it was that enjoyable.  I can say that I was very thankful the audiobook is rather short, consisting of a little over 2 hours from start to finish, or I would have lost a day or more of productivity.  I admit that I enjoyed everything that “The last case of Sherlock Holmes: as told by Doctor Watson” provided; it was very entertaining.  The work was well written by David Gerrold; an author whose works I have reviewed in the past, and audiobook’s narration was skillfully performed by Daniel Penz; a narrator I have come to enjoy very much.

The story had a great hook, plenty of intrigue, and some wonderful procedural detective work along with professional narration which will keep the listener engaged along the way.  I found myself trying to solve the crime, which is a good sign of a well-done detective story.  For some reason, I see the audiobook more like a live play where characters come and go from the stage.  Even for the brief piece of work the audiobook offers, it is worth a credit for the overall great way it was presented and told. 

Regarding the audiobook’s narration, Daniel Penz does what he does best.  The narration was solid, the character voicing was exceptional, and the audio quality was pristine.  There were no audio issues such as breaths, pops, or other background noises.  Each of the characters felt unique and alive.  I know much of this comes from the text, but the narrator gives it depth.  Even with female characters, Mr. Penz handles it as a great narrator would. 

For parents and younger listeners, I do not recall this audiobook containing any adult subject matter or profanity.  There are some supernatural elements, but these are not the core focus of the story.  I feel this audiobook could be enjoyed by younger audiences of age 13 or older only because of its complexity and the ability to comprehend some of the events.

In summary, I recommend this audiobook even to those who may not enjoy this genre of story.  I found it fascinating, well written and narrated, along with mystery all wrapped up neatly in a small package.  Often one is not able to tell a story that has this much depth in the length this one did. 

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