Little Horrors Audiobook Review

Let me first start this review by saying “wow”, what an enjoyable set of stories in this anthology by author David Gerrold.  Because the horror genre is not one of my favorites, I came to this audiobook with reserve, but I can say I was very happy I listened, and I would recommend it to others that enjoy tales like that of the original Twilight Zone TV series.  The stories are through provoking and often contain a twist that surprises the listener when they get to that part.  What made the audiobook all that more enjoyable was that it was narrated by one of my favorites, Daniel Penz.  I very much enjoyed his reading of the Easytown series as well.  If you are one that likes smart horror that may take some thought while you listen, I can easily recommend this audiobook to you.

My initial trepidation in listening to this audiobook was that it was simply a rehashing of your typical “B” rated horror film with blood, guts, gore, and more.  I can say, I was instead surprised and gripped after the first tale I only wanted to listen further.  Much of the horror elements are implied and not explicitly spelled out.  Even though some of the stories are very short, you will want to keep listening to see how the next story unravels and what twists will be found lurking in the shadows.  Even though the stories are not your traditional horror, they all have a dark theme or twist to them.  As I stated earlier, I would classify this more as smart horror or thought-provoking horror than simply horror.  On top of this, the stories were well told and felt complete, and most were very memorable.  All a sign of a good storyteller and not a surprise they come from a Hugo and Nebula award-winning author.  I found that I had many favorites, yet for me, the dinosaur one stuck a chord.  I’m sure you will also find a favorite in here.

Additionally, what I found interesting and fun, was that the author blended in some different mini genres along the way as well.  We have science fiction, futuristic, current times, and more.  So, I believe many of the tales will resonate with most people if you understand that they all have a dark aura about them.  For me, I would have suggested a different title for the audiobook as in a quick passing or search on Audible, I would have passed by something with horror in the title as this is not my preferred genre.  But I will say it again, I’m happy I listened, and you will be as well.

What can I say about the audiobook’s narration?  Mr. Penz is a spectacular narrator and I have quite enjoyed each of the books I have listened to which he has narrated.  In this audiobook, his lower and deeper voice had me sitting on the edge of my seat listening, or what felt like being around a warm campfire experience telling me these stories.  He took what was already great writing and elevated it to an exceptional audiobook.  There were no noticeable audio effects, and the sound and voicing were as professional as one can get.  Listening was enjoyable and the tales brought to life in much the same way as Rod Steiger did for the Twilight Zone TV series.  Great job.

For parents and younger listeners, this book covers some dark themes, and it contains some stories having mature content.  It is nowhere as bad as most traditional horror stories go but be aware that it is there.  I would not recommend it for less mature listeners due to these items. 

In summary, what a wonderful and thought-provoking set of dark tales that felt smart in their delivery and construction.  The narration was spot on for those who demand high quality.  The writing and telling takes the listener on a journey that is memorable and exciting.  I would recommend you pick up this audiobook even if you are not a fan of the horror genre as I think you will be quite surprised.   

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