Hush Hush (Book 2) Audiobook Review

If you like your stories with a bit of grit and vast amounts of action along with plenty of mystery and secret organizations, the second book in the “Silence Jones Acton Thrillers” series by Erik Carter may be just the thing for you to have a listen to.  “Hush Hush” is the next book in the series, and I can only give kudos to Gary Bennett for the wonderful narration and bringing Silence Jones, along with the other characters, to life.  The story takes place a bit after the first book, and I would recommend you listen to them in their respective order to better understand the earlier events.  The audiobook grabs your attention right from the start and does not let up until the end.  What a thrill ride.  I would recommend giving this one a listen as well as the first.

Much like the first audiobook in the series, this one continues with what makes the series great while also giving the listener some extras just to turn up the intensity some.  The author’s writing style has not changed as I found the descriptive writing still a bit more than I would have desired, but the scenes and conflict do not disappoint.  One feels like they are sitting and watching a movie as you listen.  I found the opening chapter a great hook and I listened to much of it in a single sitting.  Even with this great arc of a story, there are additional side events keeping one interested even more.  There are plenty of twists and turns along the path with the covert operations and even more detail giving us a better view into it.  Like the first audiobook, this one also has a feeling of noir genre elements. 

The characters are dimensional and strong.  Each seems to belong and has a purpose.  I like that we get to see into some of the characters more in this audiobook so there is a building of attachment to them.  I also found that Silence not being invincible kept me wondering if he would survive to the end of the book.  I was always wondering if this would be the last of our hero, but he always seemed to find a smart way out of his predicaments.  I also found in this book Silence Jones spoke more than he did in the previous one.  However, when he did speak it was direct and precise.  He was a man of few words but would often simply say “Drive!” when needing to get out of a tight situation.  As rough as he is, he is also a character that cares for others and has compassion.  Seems very hard on the outside, but inside he cares. 

I cannot say enough about Gary Bennett’s audiobook narrations, and this book is no different.  Mr. Bennett is a gem to listen to and his ability to voice the characters with drive and determination is beyond what many other narrators can do.  His voicing is dynamic and each character he voices I can get a clear visualization of them, even across series.  Great job.  Regarding this audiobook, the audio is clear and lacks any noticeable audio issues and the voicing remained constant across the two books I have listened to so far. 

For parents and younger listeners, note that this book is graphic and contains mature topics such as prostitution and drugs.  The characters use a fair amount of profanity as well as some severe scenes of violence.  If this is not your type of content, I suggest you give another audiobook a listen as this is really designed for mature listeners.

In summary, I liked the second audiobook just a bit better than the first.  There seemed to be more focus on the characters and a bit less upon the scenes of action.  I feel I was able to get a better understanding of the characters and saw some of their vulnerabilities.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of action and revenge payback, but this audiobook seemed more polished from the first when it comes to the characters.  I also have to say that Mr. Bennett’s narration keeps me coming back for more.  Thank you both for an entertaining listen. 

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