2018 Year in Review on QuellaReviews

Wow, it is always hard to believe another year is about to go bye.  This past year alone, we have added over sixty new reviews to our website.  There are now over two-hundred and forty-two audiobooks, books and various products reviewed at QuellaReviews.wordpress.com.  Now with 2018 nearly behind us and 2019 in sight, we wanted to take this time to share with our readers the top-ten most viewed posts from this past year and give a few shout outs to the many who made it all possible.  Let us say up front, the feedback, comments and input from our followers is what has made this site what it is today.  Thank you all, and we want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

The top viewed post in 2018 was for “Everlywell’s Food Sensitivity+ Test”.  The company provides a number of various medical and genetic testing which can be ordered, shipped, and taken while at home.  The results are sent back to the customer via their company portal.  The company was previously featured on Shark Tank and we feel they do a good job of making home testing easy and affordable.  Go check them out if you have not at www.everlywell.com.

If you read our previous 2017 year-end review post, you will see a continued theme.  As usual, many of the top ten most popular posts are for Reolink (www.reolink.com) products.  They took a total of seven of the top ten spaces this year.  The company makes some of the best IP security cameras we have found with a mix of both indoor and outdoor to wired and 100% battery devices.  We personally use their products to secure our own property and we have never been disappointed with their quality or support.  As you can see from the below list of top posts, we have reviewed and provided a few teardowns along with unboxings of many of their cameras. Because they are always innovating in this space, we plan on doing even more in the coming year.

The remaining two in the list below include an Audiobook review for “Super Sales on Super Heroes” and a new review this year for an energy monitoring device called the IoTaWatt.  Both are great items and we would recommend if you are looking for either a book or something to monitor your home’s energy usage (including solar) give the IoTaWatt a look at their site: stuff.iotawatt.com.

We do want to say a special thanks for all the help and support from Paul at Audiobookreviewer.com. We could not do what we love to do without his assistance and backing.  If you have not yet checked out his website and awesome reviews, head over there and give it a look. 

Our thanks go out to all the great people who write, narrate and publish so many different works which we get the pleasure of both enjoying and reviewing here on the site.  You are all awesome and one of the reasons we want to have a site allowing us to review such works.  It is clear that not only audiobooks get looked at here, but also all the wonderful companies that make hardware and software.  Thank you all for making 2018 one of the best we have experienced.

We would also like to say thank you to the team at Ecamm (www.ecamm.com) software.  They are the makers of a great piece of software allowing people to easily record their Skype conversations.  Even though this is included in limited ways in the latest version of Skype, we continue to use this piece of software every week, and it has never failed to perform its role.

So, without further delay, below is a brief list of the top posts from last year, and we hope to see even more in the years to come.

Top Posts of 2018 at QuellaReviews!

  1. Everlywell: Food Sensitivity+ Test Review
  2. Reolink Argus v.s. Netgear Arlo
  3. Reolink Argus Security Camera Review/Unboxing
  4. Reolink Argus Teardown
  5. Reolink RLC-411 5-Megapixel Review
  6. Reolink Go Security Camera Review
  7. Reolink Argus 2 Review
  8. IoTaWatt Energy Monitoring Device Review
  9. Reolink Argus 2 Unboxing
  10. Super Sales on Super Heroes

Honorable Mention:

  1. Anything written by Rob Dircks; just go and read his stuff it is great!
  2. Anything narrated by Jeff Hays or Soundbooth Theatre productions; love these guys and gals.
  3. Call Recorder for Skype by Ecamm (Software) as it is continuously being updated and supported.  Keep up the solid work.

Happy New Year (2018 -> 2019) everyone.

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