Journal of an Outlaw: Book 2 Audiobook Review

If you are one who loves books consisting of short chapters containing numerous quips, puns, farce, and plenty of satire around our modern world and a fictional fantasy land, “Journal of an Outlaw: Book 2” may be just what you are looking for.   The audiobook comprises the second set of journal entries detailing the activities of an unnamed rogue coming from an unknown fantasy realm.  The book is authored by Mick McArt and the audiobook edition is performed by Tom Adams.  Note, this is a different narrator from the first book.  Like its predecessor, the second book contains a set of one hundred new journal entries; the previous book had one hundred and twenty entries.  If this sounds like something of interest, I recommend you pick up the first book and give it a listen as there are some tie-ins to it in this book.

For me, I found the book needs to be digested in small bite-sized pieces.  I can only take so many one-liners, puns or crude humor in a single setting.  Much like those mints you receive after a meal after eating out.  They taste great if you eat only one, but if you eat the entire box it makes you sick.  I’m glad the author used rather short chapters allowing a person to consume as many entries in one sitting they feel comfortable doing.  Because each entry in the journal covers a stand-alone event, even though there are a few details that intersect, each can be listened too and enjoyed without much difficulty if you have a minute, or five minutes, to spare.  The pokes and humor are very similar to that found in the first book, so if you liked that one, you will enjoy this one just as much.  I will say that some of the humor is quite clever and witty, while other bits made me want to perform a facepalm.  Comedy can be a difficult bit to pull off, and that is no exception with this book.  There were some references I did not “get”, but I’m sure others would.  I enjoyed the fantasy and gaming references, yet some not involved or in the know might not.  So, I will say there are definite ups and downs while listening to this book.

In this book we are given a glimpse of bugbears, fairies, and even a dragon.  We are welcomed into a deeper view of the thieves guild along with much more.  The world and interactions of our rogue are expanded and more defined than what I found from the first book.  Even though there are fewer entries, book two is slightly longer and contains more detail than the first.  I can see why some would say the series is a bit of Monty Python blended with Lord of the Rings.  There is the fantasy along with the slapstick and outlandish humor, but this really is not a story in the story sense.  It does begin to build aspects of a story as you go thought the entries, yet I felt that things never fully congealed into an adventure.

The audiobook’s narration was performed quite well by Tom Adams.  Even though he does not have a large number of titles narrated on Audible, many are decent books, the recording and audio quality were done professionally.  I do not recall any issues with volume or background artifacts.  The characters felt distinct as most had their own voices and personalities provided by the narrator.  The narration itself was well paced, if not read slightly faster than others I have listened too.

For parents and younger readers, I would suggest the book is more targeted towards mature audiences.  Mostly due to the adult references and cultural tie-ins.  I do not recall any use of vulgar language as I listened.

In summary, if you are a fan of fantasy with plenty of tongue and cheek humor, you may want to have a listen to Journal of an Outlaw Book 2.  Again, I suggest you pick up the first book and give that a listen before diving into the second.  There were times I laughed out loud and other times I wanted to cry; due to the puns.  The book is fun, light-hearted, and best when consumed in small bites.

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