The Genesis Conspiracy Audiobook Review

Author James D. Prescott and narrator Gary Tiedemann once again team up and pull off an exciting action-packed thriller in “The Genesis Conspiracy”.  It is a bit shorter than the author’s other works at just under six in a half hours of audio, but as a listener, the book is fulfilling, enjoyable and engaging.  If you like archaeological mysteries and enjoy plunging into the depth of the ocean in search of a lost city, this is the book you have been looking for.  Mr. Prescott has set the level quite high in this book along with the others he has written.  I have enjoyed each one of them and they all have felt very different from one another.  In the same way, Mr. Tiedemann has established himself as quite the narrator as he is able to bring books to life in ways that make one feel they are watching a movie.  If books containing adventure and history are your thing, I would say that this is a book to pick up and give it a listen.

The book opens with quite a mystery.  A body is discovered at the base of a snowy mountain.  It is believed to be over twelve thousand years-old yet a piece of clothing containing a zipper; how could this be?  This is not the only strange thing discovered as the body appears to have been enclosed within a modern-day body bag.  All of this is only the start of the journey our characters face while you listen to this audiobook.  The detail of research and background information feels real and the technology is advanced while not overly progressive.  Some of the technology used in the suits the characters wear on their trip were unique and interesting.  There are micro drones and other implements which are used in various ways that may have you looking over your shoulders.  The author is very good at knowing when to insert a scene with action while also being able to weave in a few emotional parts as well.  It is a solid piece of writing.

As with the other books authored by Mr. Prescott, the characters in this book felt real and multidimensional.  There was some good back story included on many of the main characters and each felt distinctive in their own way.  I enjoyed the banter between the various groups as each felt like they were a part of something bigger then themselves alone.  Their travels took them to a new a different place that required each to leverage the expertise of the others.  The characters each had their own weakness and strengths much like relationships in the real world.  I like the time and detail the author give to the characters as they really are the main support beams holding up the story.  The book does have a few of your expected story tropes such as the evil corporation, a killer virus, and a few others.  However, Mr. Prescott uses these in a way that feels thought out and a part of the story.  For me, the book felt a bit like a blending of The Abyss and The Da Vinci Code with portions of the TV series Lost thrown in for surprise.  Toss in a bit of an apocalyptic story line, and you have a well-written and narrated tale.

The audiobook’s narration was rich, deep, and clear of any noticeable audio artifacts.  Mr. Tiedemann’s narrations are professionally produced, and he does an exceptional job of voicing characters with accents.  I have enjoyed many other books from this narrator and not once have I been disappointed in his work.  It is no different with this audiobook as either.  Volume was consistent and character voicing made each easy to distinguish from the others.

For parents and younger readers, this book does contain a fair amount of vulgar language and crude humor.  Also, there is some graphic violence and or more mature subject matter.  The above is what many might expect from a team of military personnel, but much of it was unnecessary to the overall story.  The story was well done, and if you can ignore the added language, I think for a more mature reader it is worth listening too.

In summary, if you are fan of thrillers that are action-packed and include elements of science fiction and apocalyptic disasters, I think you would do well to give this book a listen.  There are some really well thought out technologies and enough twists and turns keeping you on the edge of your seat.  I listened to most of the book during a long road trip and I’m glad it was there by my side keeping me entertained the entire way.

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