Rejection Proof Audiobook Review

It is amazing how the thought of being rejected appears to be a universal trait everyone desires to avoid; often at their own detriment.  From being the last one selected for a game of kickball in the schoolyard to being unfriended on a social network as an adult, rejection is something we all have to face in our lives but most of us do not enjoy it.  I have not met a person who likes being rejected or actively seeks out rejection from others, until I listened to this book.  “Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection” is a journey into the author’s attempt to lessen the impact of rejection on himself, but he amazed himself with what he discovered along the way.  The book is authored by Jia Jiang and the audiobook edition is masterfully narrated by Mike Chamberlain.  The book gives you a good view into the author’s life, feelings, and surprise as he sets out on a journey to be rejected at least once a day for one hundred straight days.  The book is a rather fascinating dive into the world of psychology and personality, but what I enjoyed most was the openness and learning of the author himself put to the page.

If you have ever faced a personal giant in your life like rejection, you will understand the reasoning and desire for the author to see if he could rid himself of his fear and often paralyzing reaction to it.  What stared off as rejection baby steps with a lone security guard soon expands to the absurd in an attempt to get rejected by a female bodybuilder.  When his blog of rejection events goes viral, his entire life is turned around and upside-down.  It took hard work and determination to keep up the rejection challenge but, in the end he learned not only around the human reason we all run from rejection, but he also learned about his own hidden talent to help others facing this same issue.  He quickly grew into the rejection guru and quickly found fame and the spotlight which opened him up for even greater levels of rejection in his newly discovered life.

Mr. Chamberlain brought the audiobook to life by giving it personality and feeling.  As fun as the book would be to read, for me it was more fun to just sit back and listen to the story unfold.  I’m glad the author made sure there was a professional narrating the audiobook edition as this would also help to reduce the rejections against the book itself.  The audio was crisp and clear, and I do not recall any issues with volume or other audio artifacts while listening.  Even though the audiobook is rather short, at just over six hours, the narrator kept me engaged and entertained along the way.

In summary, be aware that this book does not provide a silver bullet making one rejection proof.  If you are looking for that, I’m not sure one exists.  However, what you will take away from this book are examples and things the author has learned along his path that may help you better cope with rejection, understanding that rejection is not always personal, and what are some of the ways to tuning an initial rejection into a “Yes”.  If this at all sounds interesting, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book and give it a listen.

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