The Conduit: A Tale of the Resurrection Audiobook Review

“The Conduit: A Tale of the Resurrection” is the second book in “The Calling Tree Trilogy” written by C. F. Waller.  The audiobook’s narration is performed by Wyatt Baker who also narrated the first book in the series.  The second book continues the paranormal fantasy adventure close to where the first book left off.  It continues by following the immortals along with those trying to destroy them.  As the book makes clear, just because something is immortal does not mean it cannot be killed.  The story follows a mix of immortals, humans, angels, and demons all vying for power over the other.  Unlike the first book, which focused most of its time setting up the characters and the reason the immortals are targeted, this book emphases more the paranormal side of things.  If you like action and suspense stories of this nature, you may find that The Conduit is a book worth listening too.

The author does a good job of opening the book with a short prologue filling in the listener to the previous book’s events.  However, I would have liked to have had a bit more detail than what was provided.  With that said, the author does a good job of filling in some of the holes in the story via flashbacks or some character background story as the story progresses.  The opening scene was action-packed and quickly hooked me into wondering what comes next.  This mysterious conduit is required to assist the immortals as they are being hunted down, and it has some quite interesting powers.  What would you do if you held life and death in your hands?  Will the remaining remnant of immortals be saved from eternal destruction?  That is where this book comes in and fills the gaps.  I felt the book was a bit like a Dan Brown novel with the secret societies, suspense, and plotting.

Let me say that the book has a good premise, but it fails when it attempts to interject theology as one of its main components.  I understand the book is not intended to be theologically correct, nor is it intended to teach someone theology.  I myself would have rather the author spent more time around Greek mythology then to attempt to bring the Bible into the story.  There were times when the sides of good and evil are reversed and the listener may get confused as to the side they are rooting to win.  The book ends with a few unclosed events requiring the listener to pick up the last book in the series if they want to know the story’s final outcome.  I found that I enjoyed the first book over the second because it was less focused on the paranormal side of things.

Let me turn my attention to the book’s audio narration.  Wyatt Baker did a decent job narrating the book overall.  I thought he was quite strong in distinguishing the many different characters.  It is always nice to have consistent narrators for a book series, and I was happy to see that he was narrating the second book of the trilogy.  The narrator, like with the first book, included some additional audio effects when the character was using his inner dialogue to help us separate it from this normal conversation.  I did feel this book was read with less emotion and inflection than I remembered from the first one.  There was also one spot where a word was simply repeated twice instead of being edited out; none of these would prevent me from listening again.  Other than those few minor things, the reading was done at a good pace and the audio was overall clear.

For parents and younger readers, this book does contain some discussion around sexual subject matter along with a few adult topics.  There are a few rather graphic and intense scenes of human torture along with some graphic violence.  These items may not be suitable for younger readers.

In summary, I found the story a bit weaker than the first book, but this may be more that the paranormal is not my preferred genre of book.  I found the first book to me more concise, descriptive, and action-packed then the second as the author unfolded the story.  I would recommend the book to those who like stories about the paranormal as the author is a good storyteller, and I overall enjoyed the book even though it was not my style in the end.

Disclaimer: I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

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