The X-Files: Cold Cases Audiobook Review

Let me start this review off by saying that if you are a fan of the X-Files TV series, stop reading now and go pick up “The X-Files: Cold Cases”; it’s that good.

Even though the audiobook is rather short at just over four hours of audio, I did not feel cheated when I was finished it.  If you are not an X-Files fan, or have not watched the series, you may find the multiple show references and a few of the characters hard to comprehend.  It is best if you come to this audiobook with some knowledge or understanding of who and what the X-Files is.  Having an audiobook narrated by the same characters as the TV show really made the difference for me.  I do not like when different narrators attempt to play the role of such iconic characters as these.  I really felt like I was watching a mini-series containing new and updated episodes with my eyes closed.  The character’s mannerism, speech, chemistry, and moods all reflected the characters from the original series.  There is a little bit of everything that will hopefully exceed the expectations of even the most hard-core enthusiast.  The book gets a “highly recommend” from this reviewer.

Take the original X-Files main characters, find a compelling reason to bring them back to their roots of paranormal investigation, fly them all over the world to solve it, throw in some paranormal activities all the while bringing back a few of the characters believed dead, and you have a wonderfully produced and well thought out audiobook drama.  There was mystery, intrigue, suspense, cooperation, friendship, and some abductions all playing out in six mini-episodes.  The humor and banter that you remember from the series is also included here.

Not only are we treated to the same characters, but we are also given views into many of the creatures, villains, or aliens that made the show so wonderful.  We have the alien stiletto, black oil, and the mysterious cigarette smoking man; and many more.   The book does an exceptional job of blending these multiple vignettes to create a mini-series that is consistent and fun.

Audible along with the same cast from the TV series produced and narrated the audiobook.  I have nothing negative to say about either as the quality and voicing were exceptionally well done.  The audio had all the bells and whistles (or sound effects) one expects in a well-produced TV show.  I know some dislike audio drama books, so if that is not your thing, I would not recommend you pick up this audiobook.

A note directed at parents or younger readers.  This book is a bit more progressive than the TV series which included the use of vulgar language, some adult subject matter, and intense action sequences.  Just be aware that it is a bit more edgy than those familiar with the TV series alone.

In summary, I do not think Audible and the team of narrators could have done anything to improve upon this audiobook drama apart from giving us more.  I could have continued listening for double its existing length and still wanted more.  I’m sure that with the overall success of this book, we can hope that more will be released keeping us connected with a TV and movie series that so many came to loved.

Disclaimer: I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

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