For Every Action: The Quantum Mechanic Series (Audiobook)

“For Every Action”, the first book in The Quantum Mechanic series, is written by Jason Faris and the Audible edition narrated by Judy Rounda. The series consists of what appears a total of three books; with this being the only book currently available in audiobook format.  The book is a rather complex and dense science fiction tale that can be difficult to comprehend at times if you are unable to devote dedicated time to listening; without distraction.  If you like stories consisting of modified humans, nanotechnology, multiple story plots, emotional ebbs and flows, and a number of events occurring over different times, you may want to take a deeper look at this book and series.

There were times I lost the story line and ended up frustrated until I was able to pull the pieces back together and get on track.  Often this was caused because of my multitasking while listening, so I would recommend you set aside time to listen.  Once you begin to see how the book switches between different times, it becomes easier to follow to the end.  As you listen and follow the story’s many plots, you will begin to see the direction and be surprise by the way the author reveals how the puzzle pieces fit together.  The book is detailed and multifaceted, but at times it seems to be this way because the writing was wordy and overly descriptive.  I enjoy books that give you enough for your imagination to run with, but not when an author feeds me the scene with a spoon for every little action taking place.

If you are a person who likes mysterious characters, cryptic application code, special nanobots, ruthless killing machines, learning capabilities like that found in the matrix movie, and human modification or enhancement, this book may be up your alley.  It includes a small amount of space travel and even a touch of romance.  As you can see, the book has nearly everything one could ask for except the kitchen sink; none I could remember at least.  If I had one major complaint, which is more a personal one, is the author’s use and context of quoting Biblical passages.  Often the Scriptures were used out of context and did not relate to how they were being used in the book.  I know the author wanted to blend pieces of religion, science, relationships, and much more, but for me this just did not work.  All of the Bible references could have been removed and not really impacted the overall story arc.

For younger readers or parents looking for information on whether this book would be appropriate, let me say this.  The book heavily uses vulgar language, and this only intensifies about halfway through the book.   As I began listening, I was pleased to only hear a few uses of such language, but it gets much worse.  Secondly, the book contains both scenes of sex and discussion involving sexual matters along with some crude adult humor.  Included are some scenes consisting of rather intense graphic violence.  If any of these are offensive to you, I would suggest you look for another book to read or listen too.

Judy did a decent job narrating this rather long audiobook.  I enjoyed the many additional extras she included in the book’s recoding such as: news broadcasts with music, different microphone and sound effects for the characters during interviews, etc.  This helped bring the book to life for me and made it all that more enjoyable.  Unlike others that have tired doing this, she did not over do them.  She was also quite expressive in her voicing of the many different characters.  At times, it was hard to believe this was all narrated by a single individual.  I do wish there would have been better care taken to correct many of the volume inconsistencies throughout the book heard while listening.  At points, it seemed clear that the narrator started recording on a different day and the mic or setup was not configured the same it had been previously.  It is not terrible nor does it make the book one I would not listen too.  Just be aware for those who like clean and perfect recordings, this one has a few warts on it.

In summary, if you like quite complex science fiction stories having a few twists and turns that are told in a non-linear fashion, I think you may enjoy this book.  It does contain strong language, subject matter, and violence, so I would not recommend it to younger audiences.  It contains a rather unique story in a day where so many books copy or follow a pattern of other successful stories.  A large amount of work has gone in to writing and narrating it, so you may want to give it a try.

Disclaimer: I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

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