Reolink Argus Image/Video Examples

A few people asked if I could post a few samples taken with the Reolink Argus as a follow-up to my earlier product review post; which can be found by clicking the LINK HERE.

Update: I have also just posted a Reolink Argus Teardown.  You can find it by clicking HERE

The images shown below were all taken using the Reolink client (for iOS) and saved locally to the phone.  I used the same method to capture all the videos below; except one.  The one labeled “Close Up Horse (1080P) in the video section was captured using the Argus’ built in SD slot and optional card.

Note:  I have added two new videos at the bottom of this post that were captured at the same time to the SD card.  When recording to SD, the camera takes both a 720p and 1080p capture.  They have a “M” Medium or Maximum (1080p) and “S” small (720p) in the file name.  I also included the audio in the train videos so you can listen to the quality of the microphone.

I will post more samples here as I capture them for those interested.


Outdoor Wide Angle Field
Dark Barn Loft
Lit Barn Loft
Back View of Paddock
Weather Station and Clouds
Wide Angle of Horse Paddock

Videos (via Google Photos):

Night Visit from a Skunk  (Thankfully no spray)

Switch From Day to Night Vision

Outdoor Weather Station and Clouds (720P)

Close Up Horse (720p)

Close Up Horse (1080P)

Outdoor Paddock View (720P)

Train w/ Audio (720P)

Train w/ Audio (1080P)

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