Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity (Audiobook)

“Do More Better: A practical guide to productivity” is a book written by Pastor, blogger, and teacher Tim Challies and the audiobook is superbly narrated by Lloyd James.  It is a rather short book covering the subject of productivity at just over one hundred pages with the audiobook edition coming in at almost three hours.  Everyone one of us is given the same amount of time per day of our lives, and we have to be able to know, understand, and prioritize our activities needing to be accomplished; including both work, family, and free time.

The book is a quick practical guide from a Christian perspective on how and why you should be doing more and doing it better.  It is not a book designed to pressure or push you to do more.  Nor is it a book that take you down a path saying that productivity is the only solution to all your problems in life; like some others I have read.  Instead, it simply shares with you many of the obstacles each of us faces when it comes to productivity and how many of us like to take the easier road of not being productive which never ends well for anyone involved.  Not being productive is not an option.

I have never been disappointed with anything I have previously read by Mr. Challies, and this book is no exception.  I will say that for someone who is already leveraging technology or is tech savvy in the way the book describes in its latter chapters, you will still get something out of reading the first half.  You may also be surprised and learn something new in the second half.  The same can be said for those weak with the more modern tools able to assist with productivity, or for those looking to answer the more practical question of; “what can I do to get started being more productive?”  You will get most of the practical aspects covered in the latter half of the book along with some good suggestions and tutorials on various technologies or tools to assist with productivity.  If you are a connoisseur of productivity books or methods, Challis shares nothing entirely new or innovative; which is a good thing.  He does not claim to have a silver bullet or technology that you can buy from him that will take care of your productivity issues.  He focuses more on why productivity is important, who it is directed at, and how one can begin setting up a plan to be more productive.  All of this is very good if you do not already have a system in place.  Both parts of the book are important, and even the author himself says that he recommends you not skip ahead to the more practical parts without first having a foundation and right thinking around productivity.

The author does a good job in the first few chapters discussing why productivity is important and the reason we should strive to be productive.  Productivity is not simply doing more for one’s own selfish desires or to receive praise from your boss or co-workers.  Not at all.  There is a more significant reason productivity is important and that is what is covered right at the beginning of the book.  Simply put, productivity is about how you can serve and do good to others by doing what is right and necessary.  This can only be achieved by having a method and tools to assist and permit you to be successful.

Regarding the narration of the audiobook by Lloyd James.  What more can I say than it was professionally produced and the reading was clean and clear.  There were no issues I could recall while listening and the pacing was at a speed that seemed good.  I did listen to the book a bit faster than the standard setting (1.5x), but this was more so I could fit it into the window I had to complete it.  Mr. James is a veteran when it comes to audiobook narration with over two-hundred and fifty other titles on Audible.  He also narrates a wide variety of genres, so I’m sure there may be others you would find by him.

In summary, if you are looking for a well-written book from a Christian perspective on why productivity is important along with some great examples of tools and practical methods getting you started down this road, I would recommend this book for you.  If you already have a good productivity plan that works for you, the first half of this book still be something you would be interested in.

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