Where the Hell is Tesla? (Audiobook)

“Where the hell is Tesla?”  That is not a question, but instead a masterfully written and well told entertaining story by author and narrator Rob Dircks.  The answer to the title’s question along with many other topics such as: interdimensional travel, unique aliens, tough military guys, unusual weapons, weak combination locks; can be found in this book.  If you like well thought out and clever humor, and you can handle a substantial amount of vulgar language, I recommend this book.

Disclaimer: If you are at all upset by an author’s use of offensive language in books, this one is not for you.  Such strong language is at times used like a fully opened firehose spewing in all directions.  In places, the book might even make a trucker or sailor blush; no offense to those professions, but they do have a reputation for not using the most flowery of speech.

With the above out of the way, and if you are still reading this review, let me dive into a brilliantly told story that often had me laughing out loud while listening; not many books have been able to do that for me. As with his other book, “The Wrong Unit”, which is highly recommended by myself and others, Mr. Dircks once again pulls off the role of both author and narrator exceptionally well.  Like his other book, this book is made enjoyable as the author weaves a delightful story where half the fun is going on the journey and seeing what is around the corner.  Because of this, I will not give away any spoilers for fear of ruining something.  Some of what I write in this review will only be fully understood by those who have finished the book.  Go get it and have a listen.

So, what is the book like?  Well I tried to think of the best way of describing it based on 1980s comical movies.  It is a bit of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, mixed in with some “Airplane” and “Hot Shots” plus a little “Monty Python”.  Include some aspects of wit and time travel from “Dr. Who”, and you have a good idea of what you are in for when reading this book.  Does it work?  I think it does very much, and for some, the removal of the vulgar words would have made it even more entertaining along with opening it up to more audiences.  It also reminded me at times of books like “Agent to the Stars” and “The Adventures of Tom Stranger”; two other books I have reviewed.  If you liked either of these two audiobooks, “Where the hell is Tesla?” is a must listen.

What did I get out of this book?  Well the author, though his characters, is one who likes lists very much, has a food fetish for both Danish pastries and waffles, and possesses a good understanding of both interdimensional time mechanics and the theory of relativity.  I believe if he was a clue player, the author would also have committed the crime in the Library with the wrench, but what color would he be?  With that said, this is a piece of fiction, so please do not expect that all of what is said as being true or factual.  I liked the authors ability to describe the scene.  At times this focus was hilarious based on what he focused on.  Even though the book is comical, there are aspects of romance, friendship, perseverance, and pain along the way.  Most of the time you will be laughing, but at times you may want to cry.

Regarding the narration.  There is not much to say here apart from it was skillfully done with only one slight audio error I noticed near the end of the book.  The narrator begins to read a sentence and then repeats the three words again before proceeding.  Apart from that slight issues, the rest of the story is told with enthusiasm and was very engaging.  I enjoyed the narrator’s ability to voice Tesla himself (hope I did not give anything away), along with the many others characters we run into along the way.  As I said before, I really enjoy the narrator’s voice and tone while reading.  It was clean, crisp, and satisfying to listen to.

In summary, if you want to laugh, think, cry, and even dream a little, I would recommend “Where the hell is Tesla?”.  Had the vulgar language been removed, I would recommend it even more and to younger readers; which I cannot.  One thing I learned is to not hold a job titled: Professional Tester.  I made a note to myself, oh my I’m starting to make lists now…

Disclaimer: I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

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