The Fold Audiobook Review

Wow, simply wow, another winner by this author.  If you enjoyed Peter Clines previous book “14”, you will not be disappointed by “The Fold”.   If you have not read or listened to “14”, it is not a requirement before listening to this book, I highly encourage you do; both are excellently written stories.  If you have liked any of the author’s previous works, this one is a no brainer to add to your collection.

“The Fold” is a science fiction story with elements of mystery, thriller and suspense all combined in to a story that will have you questioning everything and everyone.   I do not remember a dull moment in the book.  I was either wondering what was going to happen, or thinking about what just happened.  The mystery portion had you questioning every action by all the main characters to figure out what they were hiding; if anything.  Again, like with “14” it is hard to give a full review without revealing or spoiling parts of the storyline.  I do not intend to reveal anything story related in this review.  This is a key part of this book, so I would recommend you not read any reviews until you are done, the suspense and surprise is half the fun.

Take a small-town English high school teacher with a handicap, a government science experiment gone wrong (or has it), a few clandestine groups, and you get a deep, compelling, and well-researched science fiction story that really could be enjoyed by most.  What is the teacher’s handicap you ask?  Well he remembers every detail of what he reads, hears, or sees.  It is like having a photographic memory, but ten times that.  It might not seem like a handicap, but instead more like a super-power or a blessing, yet as thing unravel you see it is a little of both.  If you like science fiction books with a few twists, turns, and “I did not see that coming” curveballs, just go and listen or read this book.  As with “14”, you will not be disappointed.

The main characters were well thought out and most had decent backstories making them believable.  The opening chapter was riveting and I wanted to hear what happened for the event to have occurred.  Well done.  I cared for the various characters and often could see from their points of view as the book progressed.  The book was not like “The Sphere”, but if you read that, you know how the book unwraps as it progresses and there is always that sense of mystery, The Fold has a similar feel to it.

Like with “14”, I must say that the book contains a fair amount of vulgar language.  One character has a potty-mouth, while most of the other main characters use such language when in heated situations where they want to express themselves.  Most if not all the use of vulgar language could have been removed and the book would have still been as enjoyable as it had little romance or sexual aspects.  For me it just did not seem right that scientists would speak that way; but maybe times have changed.  Just be aware that if you are easily offended by the use of such language, this may not be the book for you.

Ray Porter once again hits a home-run with his narration of this book.  His ability to voice the many different characters without issue amazes me.  As with his narration of “14”, I found this book to be solidly presented and professionally produced.  I think I only caught one instance where he used the wrong voice for one sentence, but corrected it going forward.  Volumes were consistent, no observable audio artifacts (swallows, page turns, etc.).  Just great narration of a super story.

I have placed Peter Clines and Ray Porter at the top of my reading and listening lists for future books.  It is hard to find authors that are able to release more than a one-hit-wonder in such a crowed publishing space.

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