Game Over: A Series of Ends [Book 1] Audiobook

Let me start by saying that the book is not one that should have been released in audiobook format; at least not Audible.  It is quite difficult for me to review it based on the ratings options that Audible provides; story, narration, and overall.  The story itself was interesting with some unique aspects from others in a somewhat crowed genre.  However, I cannot recommend the book be purchased in audio format for many reasons listed below.

If you like the VR/game genre of books, this one is like those with an additional “Choose your own Adventure” element.  At selected points in the story, one is requested to forward the audio to a specific location based on the decision made.  This brings the reader to the next part of the story.  Story choices in Game Over are not as common as other books in this category, but it is enough that it does not work for me; and I would assume most who use the Audible application.

The book did have action, an evil AI, PvP play, and various challenges to overcome for our main character.  I was somewhat surprised to hear vulgar language used in a book of this type.  The book also has some darker aspects that may not make it appropriate for younger readers.  The author does a good job of keeping the action flowing and there are necessary breaks in the action at good locations also.  However, the language could have been removed without impacting the story and potentially opening it up to a younger audience.

Due to limitation in the Audible application and because I often listen to books while driving, the ability to fast-forward to a specific location is not practical.  Had the book been published where the choices were instead selectable via chapters and not some random amount of time, it may have easier to overcome this limitation.

Overall the narration by Dee Drew was acceptable.  This appears to be his first narration released on Audible; at the time of this review.  There were many noticeable places where the book’s audio should have been edited, but was not.  Quite a few sentences were repeated with the second being the correct wording and the incorrect one not being removed before it was released.  He did a decent job of voicing the many different characters, but again the book should have been formatted using chapter breaks where decisions needed to be made; or the ability to jump several 30 second forwards for yes and another number for no.  That would be make the book easier to listen too in this format.  The book does not permit enough time delay after being asked a selection for someone to take the action requested before it moved to the default selection.

As stated above, a few times, I cannot recommend this book for younger readers due to the book’s content and language.  I also cannot recommend it in audiobook format due to the complexity it adds to one enjoying the book.  If the book itself sounds interesting, pick it up in a different format and you may enjoy it.

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