Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel: Eleventh Doctor, Book 10 Audiobook Review

Let me say up front, if you are an audiobook listener and a Dr. Who fan, you need to hear this book, and I assume most of you who are already have.  No need to read this review further, if you do not already have it, just get it and enjoy.  The Audiobook is titled “Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel: Eleventh Doctor, Book 10”.  You may be asking, is it worth a hard-earned Audible credit for just over five hours of entertainment?  Yes, yes it is.  Jonathan Morris tells a fantastic tale of time travel, The Doctor (Matt Smith) along with his two companions (Amy and Rory).   Not only are these some of my personal favorites in doctor and companions, the book also includes one of the more formidable Doctor’s enemies; the weeping angels.   Again, if you are Dr. Who lover, why are you still here reading this review?  Go get the book!

The book throws us into one of the Doctor’s timey-wimey time paradoxes where a husband is sent back in time because he was touched by one of the angels, and in doing so he intends to save his wife by preventing the car accident that takes her life many years in the future.  As he comes to grips with this new time placement, he comes up with plans on how to best notify his future wife of her impending doom.  He also needs to make some money to live and start his life over in the past.  We often see Time getting in the way trying to prevent the event that Mark so dearly wants to stop.  Things are mostly going well until Mark (her husband) runs into is younger self and the Doctor and companions need to get involved.  Not only is the book fully of Dr. Who goodness, but there is also a solid love story with a rollercoaster ride of emotions along the way.

The book does an exceptional job of bringing a Doctor Who episode in more than just a TV format, and the audiobook is excellently narrated by Clare Corbett; who has been involved in some of the best rated audiobooks on Audible.  I very much enjoyed her voice and ability to bring the words to life.  I had no issues with the audio or quality, and the narration was done skillfully.  I know I will be looking to listen to more by this narrator in the future.

For those who have seen many of the newer episodes of Dr. Who played by Matt Smith, the author blends his personality as one would expect from the TV show.  We see some humor, lightheartedness, but also a serious side to the doctor when it is needed.  His mannerisms and sayings all come out in this wonderfully produced book.  I also liked that Amy’s and Rory’s characters were also well portrayed in the book.  It was like listening to an extended TV series.

If you are not a fan of Dr. Who, you may be confused by some of the events that take place in the book.  The author writes as if you already know much of the backstory of both the Doctor and his antics.  I would suggest for those who have not seen a Dr. Who episode, go and watch a few with Matt Smith and you will more easily understand and enjoy this book.  I will say that this is the first Dr. Who audio book I have listened too, but I will be picking up a few more as I enjoyed it very much.

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