Unhappenings Audiobook Review

If you enjoy uniquely written time travel science fiction stories, I think you will really enjoy Unhappenings by Edward Aubry.  The book puts a different spin on multi-dimensional time travel while making it enjoyable to more than just hard core Sci-Fi fans.  The book is more than a time travel mystery, thriller, adventure, it also includes a somewhat complex love story that becomes central to the book and its level of enjoyment.  If any of that seems interesting to you, go and read or listen to Unhappening.

Think of how life would be if you were going along your normal schedule and then you found out that what had happened, sometime only seconds later; unhappened.  You had a conversation with someone and the next day, that conversation did not happen and in some cases the person themselves no longer existed.  What if your friends one day claimed they never knew you the next, and in some cases, were your enemies.  How would you feel being young and in school and never knowing who your teacher would be that day?  It would be quite strange to deal with such unpredictable events, and even more difficult when it is only happening to you.  You would begin to think you were going crazy.  This is exactly what is happening, or unhappening,  to our main character Nigel who is only fourteen when he first notices and names these unhappening events.  Years later, Nigel comes across a woman from the future that can sympathize with Nigel as she also experiences these unhappenings.  The journey begins!

This book can make your brain hurt, but it balances the more difficult aspects of time travel with adventure, humor, and even some romance.  All of this is wrapped tightly into this just over twelve-hour audiobook adventure.  The book deals with many of the consequences that one may face when modifying the time-space continuum.  Often these events set in motion by Nigel have tragic outcomes for people round him, and even those he loves.  The book does all of this very well and wraps up the story on a single volume.  I often like when authors have a few non-sequel books in their offerings; thank you.

You may be asking yourself what sets this book apart from your standard time travel genre.  Let me say that the author weaves in some different zigs and zags then what would often be expected from a book of this type.  Because of this, he keeps the book fresh and interesting.  Often very complex concepts are explained in more simple detail, but not dumbed down so they are lost.  I will admit that at times I felt the author spent a little too much time on a given concept then necessary, and nearer the end of the book it seemed that he quickly tied up all the loose ends just so the book would be done.  Much more quickly than the lead up and middle of the story parts.  I will say that I was happy when I looked back and could see all the many hints the author left for the reader to discover.

The narration of the audiobook version by Josh Hurley was remarkable.  I think he could bring the words on the page to life and his voice was what I would have expected for a book of this genre.  Not sure how to explain it, but the voice just seemed to fit the works written.  The volume was consistent even with the large number of chapters, and the audio was professionally done.

Even with some of the negative things pointed out in this review, I would recommend the book to others that enjoy this genre or are interested in a love story having a time-travel path.

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