Through the Fog Audiobook Review

I have previously enjoyed Breakthrough and Leap, two of Michael C. Grumley’s other works in the same series.  However, I wanted to try another of his standalone books to see if he can entertain while writing a different genre.  This book may become the start of a planned series based on some additional comments from the author, but it seems like we will have to wait to find out.  If you are one who likes mysteries, thrillers, with a small piece of the paranormal thrown in (remote viewing), I recommend you pick up “Through of Fog” and give it a read; or listen.  I must admit, the author kept me engaged and when it was over I was wanting to hear more.

Although the book is rather short compared to his other material I have listened too, just shy of four and a half hours of audio, I did not feel ripped off as so many series book can do.  I will say that the author is able to keep the flow of the main story line going without bogging the reader down in overly technical detail.  Could some of the story have been better researched and explained, yes of course as with most books.  I believe the author was trying to experiment with this book and stepping out from the action genre e is more comfortable writing to a more thriller one.  If you have read other books by this author, you know he can write and write well.  This one was a bit weak, but still a very good and enjoyable story overall.

I was a bit unsure of the author’s audience with this book.  Was it intended for teens or adults?  The writing style was often simple enough of teens to enjoy, but there were a few aspects of the story that felt were more directed towards adults.  I will give credit to the author for telling this suspenseful thriller without having to use vulgar language or other adult-only subject matter.  So, if you have a younger reader asking to read this book, note it does not contain strong language; but there may be some subject matter (kidnapping) that could scare younger readers.

If you are someone who works in the medical profession, you may find the story too simplistic for your taste and even frustrating.  I often get this when someone writes a computer or hacking non-fiction book and throws in jargon to sound good, but it often sticks out like a sore thumb.  I do not have knowledge of the medical profession and enjoyed the story.  I did not feel the characters were completely developed because the book was rather short, but I also did not find them flat or cardboardish.  Some have complained that the book was too unrealistic.  I should say that for a book that is a mix between “The Sixth Sense” and a TV drama, this book was entertaining and enjoyable and not meant to be a realistic portrayal of our world.  I think if you take it as too realistic, it will seem unbelievable.  If you can suspend belief at times when you read, this book is enjoyable.

It should come as no surprise that Amy McFadden does an exceptional job narrating this book, and I think she brings the author’s words to life.  With over 240 book narrations on Audible, at the time of this review, she hits another home run.  The book is professionally read and the many characters were properly voiced.  The narration was clear and professionally recorded.  I will keep her on my favorite narrator list going forward and have a few other books yet to get too narrated by her.

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