The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure Audiobook Review

“The 10X Rule” is one of Grant Cardone’s sales and pep talk books for life released a while back in 2011.  The author has a very different philosophy towards selling and life in general.  In this book, he urges the reader to be “all in” on whatever it is you want to accomplish or overcome.  If you are not a fan of his other books, as many are not, I will say upfront that you probably will not be a fan of this book either.  However, if you have not listened or read any of his books, or if you like his style, you may be surprised and refreshed by what you learn.

If you have ever wanted to accomplish something in life, the author says do it all the way with gusto and fervor.  In summary, the book challenges the reader to not only take a given amount of action to accomplish one’s intended purposes, but instead take what he calls “massive action” or 10x (ten times) the expected action to overachieve.  In many ways, the book revolves around sales or selling, which is the authors specialty, but he also says the concepts outlined in the book can be applied to anything in our daily lives.  The ideas covered could apply to dieting, exercise, learning something new, dating, etc.  If you remember the old saying that you get out of something what you put into it; this is exactly what Mr. Cardone is saying.  If you put in 10x the expected effort, you will get out so much more.

This book is not a get rich quick scam nor a “name it and claim it” type.  Not at all.  The author says that to get to one’s goals, you need to plan to put in 10x the effort, work, blood, sweat, and tears, but such does not say you will receive a 10x return on that effort.  For those in the sales industry, the idea of having a 5x pipeline to make one’s quota is common knowledge, yet Mr. Cardone says that one should not be happy just meeting the assigned number; being like the rest of the pack.  Instead, he says that one should crush it by doubling one’s activity (10X) and making the sales number so much easier to achieve or exceed.  He even admits that many of us already understand this concept but often do not carry it out.

As with the author’s other audiobooks, many are not happy with his style of narration.  Again, as with my other review of his material, I think only the author himself is able to read or understand his subject matter with such passion that anyone else would do it a disservice.  So, although it is not like other book genre authors attempting to read their own books, as many do, Mr Cardone is the one that truly believes what he says and wants his audience to also know this; even at the potential reduction in narration and audio quality.  Also, others have said that Mr. Cardone only uses his books to promote or push other services his company sells.  I do not think this is strange, he is living what he teaches and believes. The other services he offers will help make you a better sales person, etc.  In many ways, I would have expected this to be the norm in this type of book.

If you are in the sales industry or just looking for a book that helps give you a pep talk to get out there and give anything you are passionate about 10x the energy you give anything else, I would recommend this book.

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