Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life Audiobook Review

Just as the saying goes you are unable to escape two things in life, death and taxes.  Grant Cardone the author and narrator of “Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life” says all people can be categorized in one of two people.  Those who will be sold or those doing the selling.  Every event in your daily lives involves people attempting to sell you on ideas, products, brands, and what clothes to wear as a few examples.  Or, you are selling people on who you are, why they should listen to you, your skills, your products, etc.  Once you have this rather simple, but often overlooked understanding, you can prepare yourself for which side you are on; and this back and forth changes all the time.  If you are in the business of sales, this book gives you some golden nuggets that will make you rethink how you sell.  If you are not in sales, this book is still for you as often the one being sold can become a seller during the negotiation stages of nearly any type of deal.

I was not a fan of Grant Cardone before finding his book in the Audible Daily Deal, and I’m still unsure if I adhere to all of his ideas portrayed in the book; including other books I listed to afterward this one.  I can say that He appears to have sold me on many of his ideas and if I can use one or two pieces of this knowledge in my daily life it will make me a better person overall.

One of the things that drew me into Mr. Cardone’s philosophy of selling is his overall ethical and direct approach to selling.  Unlike other well-known and long trusted sales focused books, the author does not try to manipulate people being sold by becoming one’s friend or “bending” the truth to get the deal closed.  This is not to say that relationships are unimportant in selling, but these are not used to hold power over a person; not at all.  Instead, he teaches you in his book to understand what side of the sell or be sold equation you are on and be enthusiastic and direct with your approach while remaining honest in all your dealing.   If you come to a deal with the best product and truly believe the price and/or product is right for the buyer this can be enough to close deals.   The best part is you can go to sleep at night knowing you did your best even if you did not close the deal that day.  His approach is not a silver bullet, none of those truly exist, but by incorporating some of his ideas one will see in increase in their ability to sell.  Selling is not always related to a product or service, but includes even your relationships as we often need to sell others on why they should be our friends, etc.

Some may be turned off by the author’s direct approach and enthusiasm in narrating his own book.  As other have said, he often calls out other products or services his company provides, and why would he not when he is in the business of selling.  I did not think it was overdone and somewhat expected it from the beginning of the book.  He is trying to empower the reader and believes the recommended products will truly help subsidize the materials in this book.  Others have also commented that they would have rather the author not do his own book’s narration, but again why would you not expect the one trying to sell you on his ideas to be the one presenting them to his audience?  Again, could a different narrator maybe read the book better, possibly, but could anyone read the book with the same passion and tenacity as the author himself?  I do not think so.

I will say that the author could have taken more care in editing the audiobook before publishing it, but I have to admit that I have listened to much worse.  The actual narration was done well, however there were many time where background noise such as page flipping or paper rustling can be heard.  Other than these few issues, the audio itself is clean and the author is able to get across the importance of his message to his audience.  I also wanted to say that the audiobook version includes additional material not found in the print edition.  Often while reading, the author will go off on a tangent and or provide an example to the listener which is not found in the book.

I will admit that after listening to this book, I have picked up a few of his other books in audio format which I will be reviewing in the near future.  Some have complained that the material in this and other books he has published is simply a rehashing of the same ideas covered in his other books.  Again, I’m one that often does not learn from hearing something once, so I welcome the repeating when listening to his other books.

If you are in the industry of sales, you should listen to this book.  If you are not in sales, but would like to know how the sales cycle works or should work, you should listen to this book.

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