Why Your Presentation Sucks: How to Lose the Stage Fright & Win the Audience Audiobook Review

I have been in the professional world giving presentations to both small and large crowds for over thirty years so I understand what the author is attempting to address in this book. I was not expecting this rather short book to be ground-breaking or something that would revolutionize my existing presentation skills, however if it provided me with one or two nuggets of information I did not already know, the time spent reading/listening to the book would have been well worth it. For me, it was worth the listen and I think it would be for anyone else who is required to present.

I was more focused on the topic of presentation over that of stage fright, however both topics were helpful for me to listen too. At a high-level, the author speaks of how important and impactful the “story” can be when presenting to others. He speaks of how in our day-to-day conversations we often are telling a story. For those who like books or audiobooks, we all know how stories can be impactful and life changing. Our presentations should be told as a story with a beginning, middle, and end. We should ensure the story we tell is relevant to the hearer and to topic at hand. It does not need to be dry, but often should include some humor.

I liked that the author did not claim the information in the book was some new and improved way of doing presentation; not at all. It also was not some silly method that one should follow for all their presentations to be successful, like other books I have read on the subject. If you are hoping for a silver bullet solution for building and presenting your material, there is not one found in this book; or any other for that matter. Presenting is hard and at times difficult work, but such can be made easier if one has a plan and follows some general guidelines.

This book gives you simple to follow guidelines, direction, and thoughts everyone should be thinking of when getting ready to present assisting you with both stage fright and both delivery/closing of a presentation.

Is much of this information available via other sources or on the Internet? Yes, however the author is able to condense the material into a small book that is easily referenceable when you are staring or preparing for a presentation. I liked that the author uses and quotes other sources or research studies helping to solidify the details and bringing credibility to the books claims. At no time did the author claim they had discovered this secret which they will only share if you buy the book. Again, it was a good business book with general help to those new to presenting and even for the veteran presenter, there were a few nuggets as take-a-ways.

Would I have liked to have gotten more from the book? I think for the number of pages the book did a good job of covering the two main topics at a high level. I would have like to have had each topic take up as much content as the author gave to both; doubling the size of the book. Some people may be more interested in the section on stage fright only, where other my want only the details around presenting; such as myself. I would have like to have had a bit more coverage of the topics, but I did not feel cheated by what I read.

For a shorter business style book, the narration by Eric Bryan Moore was clean and crisp. From this book alone it would be difficult to know how well he would be able to narrate multiple characters like those found in a fiction book. The reading was well paced and I did not observe any obvious audio artifacts while listening. Eric Bryan seems to be a newer narrator with four current titles listed with Audible at the time this review was posted. I look forward to hearing more from this narrator to better determine his narration skill. He was able to follow some of the principles found in this book by telling us a story.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to the reviewer for free by the author, narrator, or publisher in exchange for publishing a non-bias review.

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