The Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur Audiobook Review

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur or one who is just starting out, the information provided in “The Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur” written by Ryan Westwood/Travis Johnson and narrated by Jim Sartor has information that will resonate with everyone.  Although the book is targeted at entrepreneurs and the many examples are often business centric, the book is really about how mankind reacts to the world around them.  These five characteristics are not only for a successful entrepreneur, but ways of being successful at anything you want to accomplish.

The opening chapter laid the foundation for the rest of the book.  The authors did an exceptional job of defining what success is; including the research they undertook to collect the five key characteristics.  One of the more sentient points that stuck with me was when they stated that, knowing is not the same as application; doing something about it.  They cover many of the reasons humans are rewarded by success and inherently do not want to just work for working sake.  We were not designed to be robots and simply perform monotonous tasks and feel rewarded by that activity, we all want a feeling of accomplishment and success.

The authors also focus on the importance of turning ideas into action plans and not simply wanting to get things done.  This becomes clearer once you discover the five key points.  They made sure to let readers know that these keys are not a secret formula for success; one does not exist.  However, they do say these are seen as the most important areas of focus when researching successful business people.  It was stated that these keys are only a roadmap and not simply a guaranteed method to follow.  By the end of the book, one is able to see how all of these key characteristics interlink with one another and I think this is a very important aspect to grasp.  They stated that applying these key characteristics is also not an easy task, but as with anything rewarding in life, they take work and time.  One often needs to think outside the box to achieve success, and this requires timing and prioritization on your behalf.

The five characteristics are: have a vision, work ethically, be resilient, a positive attitude, and one must possess a passion.  Again, these are not ground shattering or new concepts to any of us, however the authors are able to take these ideas and put them in a clear and concise book containing relevant examples to help the reader better understand why each key is important.  Many of the examples are from well-known successful entrepreneur, or from the author’s own experiences as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Sartor did a good job of narrating the audiobook and was able to bringing it to life.  Even though he is newer to the role with three published Audible titles at the time of this review, I could easily listen to him again.  As this was a non-fiction work, I cannot comment on his ability to voice other characters like a fiction book requires.  The reading was fluent and well-paced.  His voice was clear and one you could listen to at a bit higher speed than normal; I was able to listen at 1.25x without any issues.

If I had two very nit-picky things to say about the audio quality.  The first is that I experienced two periods where there was a definite volume inconstancy in the middle of two sections; ~2 hrs remaining and ~1:10 remaining in the book.  Not an issue I could not listen to this book, but noticeable to those listening.  The second issue I would call out is that I noticed later in the book (characteristics #4 and #5) some background noise that appears to be mouse or keyboard clicks.  I did not remember them in earlier sections of the book, however they may have existed and they were more noticeable later on.  As with the volume issue, these clicks are noticeable but not something that would prevent you from enjoying the book.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to the reviewer by the authors, narrator, or publisher at no charge in exchange for posting a non-bias review.

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