The Anonymous Source Audiobook Review

If you are one who loves thrillers, you cannot go wrong with “The Anonymous Source” written by A.C. Fuller.  The audiobook is narrated by Jeff Hays who continues to amaze me with his ability to take nearly any book and bring it to life in audio format.   The book is a journalistic action page-turner involving big corporation, local police, and political figures all trying to take down those who want to return the news industry to its glory days. Although this genre of book is not one of my favorites, I listened intently to every chapter not wanting to miss any part of this well-developed story.  In a single sitting I would listen to long portions of the book finding it hard to put down.

The book opens during the events that took place on September 11, 2001 (9/11) in New York city.  The mystery begins with a plot of events occurring in the shadows of the collapsing twin towers.  For those familiar with the tragedy, one knows how easy it would have been to leverage the chaos and carnage to one’s advantage to clean up a few loose ends.  For some, the opening chapters may be shocking and difficult to read if they have been impacted by the events of 9/11.  The story unravels when our man character joins up with a college professor to expose the corruption of America’s news agencies.

The book takes the reader from downtown New York city all the way across the country to find the answers needed exposing the conspiracy and corruption within our news organizations.  The irony is that the main character attempts to expose this plot using the same techniques he was taught while working as a journalist.  When you are done with this book, you will never look at journalism in the same light.

The book is unique, suspenseful and contains enough twists and turns to interest any reader of book from authors like John Grisham or David Baldacci.  The book contains mystery, intrigue, along with some romance all packed into an easily readable and believable story.  I enjoyed the deep character development along with all the backstory the author provides.  I felt I knew these characters personally; by the end of the book I cared for what was going to happen to them.  The book ends by concluding the many plot lines so there is no need for a second book; however, the author does add a slight twist hinting of more to come.

The book is intended for mature audiences as there is liberal use of vulgar language, alcohol consumption, drug use, and a few descriptive sexual acts; or sexual references.  When these events occur, they are not overly graphic.  In most cases, they could be ignored or left out of the book and the plot of the story would have not been impacted.  I believe the author more included these to help paint a picture of the grittier side of the events.  The book also has a few vivid descriptions of both violence and death.  Because of these, I would not recommend this book for younger readers.

As stated earlier this is not my favorite genre of book.  I would not have completed it had the story not been narrated but the masterful Jeff Hays.  If the book were just read as many narrators do, I might have gotten halfway through before putting it aside.  Mr. Hays narrates his books with passion, understands his work, and voices the numerous characters fluently.  The narration contains a few sound effects enriching the story, but they are not overly used nor do these take away from the story itself.  Like with other Hays’ work I have listened too, when finished you feel like you have experienced a major motion picture event. I’m still unsure how he does this all himself.  If you have not listened to any of his work, I highly recommend your next book be one he narrates.

Not only is the book’s narration exceptional, but for those wanting to know, the audio itself is clean, clear, and crisp.  It does not contain any audio artifacts.  The mic is set properly and the recording quality can only be said to be done at the highest level of professionalism.  The book is read at a steady pace however I found that listening to it at 1.25x was still acceptable to my speed.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to the reviewer by the author, narrator, and/or publisher for free in exchange for posting a non-bias review

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