Ark: A Dane Maddock Adventure Audiobook Review

Ark by Dave Wood is a fast paced action thriller including secret societies, religious relics, treasure hunting, and so much more. The Audiobook is done very well by the professional work of Jeffrey Kafer; you cannot go wrong with his narration. The book kept me engaged and wanting to know how the adventure was going to end and how many people would lose their lives in the process.

If you asked me to give a quick summary of the book, think a blending of “The Da Vinci Code”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, and “National Treasure” wrapped into one book where the main characters are previous Navy seals. The book involves a team of people searching for Noah’s Ark taking the characters across many different locations all the while people are looking to stop or kill them at every turn. If this sounds interesting to you, I would recommend you pick up the book and have a read.

Ark is the seventh book in the Dane Maddock Adventures, and it should be noted that this is the first book I have read in the series. So this review is based only on my knowledge of it and not the overall series. With that said, I overall enjoyed the book and it does not appear that one needs to have familiarity of the previous books in the series. I’m sure the characters may be better understood having read the others books. If you are looking for a theologically correct book, I would say look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fictional book that includes aspects of Christian or Biblical accounts, you may enjoy this book. Again, think “Raiders of the Lost Ark” from a depth of theology; which really means there is none. It is clear the author has researched Biblical and other non-Biblical religious texts and blends them into this story.

Wood seems to be experienced in writing this type of genre (being this is #7), and I liked his ability to describe the scene well enough for me to get a good picture of the action/adventure. I liked the various locations, languages, and overall revealing of the plot over the entire tale. In some of the situations I would have liked to have had a deeper understanding of some of the characters (which may have been in previous books) along with more backstory details. I would have also like to have had some description or side details when the team traveled from one location to another; often covering thousands of miles. Maybe some details or side events occurring while going from one place to another. In most cases, travel to other locations consisted of a few sentences saying such happened with no depth or extra details. More like they were able to use a portal to get from one place to another rather quickly. I just did not get a feeling for the length of time such travel would have taken.

Some of the writing and humor seemed more immature than what I would have expected coming from characters who were seals or other highly educated characters. Although the book contained no vulgar language (which for some reason I would have expected from a seal), the book does have sexual overtones and innuendos in various paces. The two main characters would be sent to Human Resources (HR) more than once for their comments of many of the women characters. I do have to give the author credit for being able to tell the story without having to include vulgar language and making the book overall safe for a younger audience.

Let me speak to the narration of the audiobook. Mr. Kafer, as always, does an excellent job telling this story as he has in others. The audio is clear and crisp, and Mr. Kafer’s voice is rich and fluid. There were no audio artifacts heard throughout the book; no recorded pops, clicks, or swallows. I have many others book by this Audible narrator, and often would buy a book he voices even if it is not in my preferred genre. That is how much I enjoy his ability to narrate books. With over 330 total books already narrated, I recommend any book that interests you read by him. Thank you for making a very good book even better through your narration.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to the reviewer free of charge by the author, narrator, or publisher in exchange for publishing a non-bias review.

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