Altered Carbon Audiobook Review

I enjoy many different science fiction genes; however, I did not enjoy this book as it was way to explicit for my taste in reading material. I guess I got caught up in the hype of this book based on the numerous good reviews and it was one which I received at a discounted price via Amazon’s Whispersync match.

I enjoyed the technology, story concepts, and science fiction aspects of this book. Be aware that this book is very dark and gritty with a large amount of noir style. Think of Bladerunner, The Matrix meets a detective noir movie. It is heavy in its use of vulgar language and has a few scenes of detailed adult sexual content including many areas that involve heavy adult subject matter. This book is not suitable for non-adult readers, and even if you are an adult and are not interested in this type of material, I would not read this book.

The author has created a believable science fiction world with many new technologies. The world contains all the same items as our existing world such as religion (a negative view), watchful government, police control, and many of the seeder aspects of a larger city. There are brothels, homeless, drug usage, etc. It does not seem like a happy place to live or grow up.

Todd McLaren did a decent job of narrating this quite long book. Much of the book is written from the first person perspective, so the narrator did not need to voice many of the other characters, but where there were multiple characters, the narrator did a good job of distinguishing them. Todd has narrated over 148 books on Audible (as of this review posting), all in various categories and genres and from this book I can see why he has been successful.

With regard to the Audiobook version, I will say that were some issues with the chapter sections of the book compared to the chapter markers in the audiobook. The audiobook says there are 15 total chapters, but the book itself has more than double this number of chapters. The majority of the book was very clear and clear. I found the book’s volume to be a bit low compared to other audiobooks I have listened to requiring me to turn the volume almost all the way up for normal levels. There were a few spots near the end of the story where there were a few sound artifacts such as a few clicks or swallows. Nothing that takes away from the book, but I now for some this is very important.

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