Protector of the Grove: The Bowl of Souls [Book 7] Audiobook Review

Due to other life activities it has taken me longer to finish this book then the first in this sub-series, however this allowed me the opportunity to soak in all of the story goodness. Let me say up front, if you have enjoyed this series in any way, do not hesitate to pick up this book. If you have not yet experienced any of the books in this series, go now and start your journey in this epic world. Trevor Cooley (Author) and Andrew Tell (Narrator) once again take their readers on a wonderful and exciting journey into this deeply defined fantasy world! You will not be disappointed.

The story continues the great adventure of Justan and Tarah along with a large band of new characters in search of the rare and mythical rogue horse. This trip is filled with excitement, emotion, light romance, and even humor. I did want to say that I have not read any other books in the “The Bowl of Souls” series except for “Tarah Woodblade” the first in the Jharro Grove sub-series; book #6, so this review is based only on my knowledge of these two books. This book picks up closely after the previous book, however the book adds many new characters, items, and adventure than its predecessor had. Just like with any good Role Playing Game (RPG), this book built on top of what previously existed plus more.

The author weaves a grand and believable high-fantasy story that leaves you wanting more; which is a good thing. The world created by the author thus far could be used to create a vast number of additional books based on the various characters and adventures without repeating. I like that the author, as with his previous book in the series, uses many of the standard fantasy tropes so I can better visualize them while he also creates new fantasy creatures that I would love to see on the big screen. It makes me want to say. “Mommy, I want a rogue pony for my birthday.” How much fun would that be! I could easily see this series being made into a motion picture or TV series because of how engaging it is. You feel for the characters and experience the journey along with them.

In this book we learn more about Tarah and her “red” magical staff along with additional background and details about Justan and others. The characters themselves are well developed and I like that the author releases bits and pieces about them over the entire book instead of doing it all in a single chapter or at the start of the book as other books often do. If you start to read the books in this series, be prepared to read them all.

Although the book does contain some light romance, I would recommend it for young adult and adult readers. The author is able to tell the story without having to resort to vulgar language, overly graphic violence, or adult material. I can’t speak to the other book in the series, however based on the two I have read, this seems to be the case in both of them.

Let me take a moment to say that the book, for audible listeners would not be as good as it was without the wonderful narration done by Mr. Andrew Tell. He is the same person who narrated the first book in this series and I find his narration top-notch. He is able to capture the characters, events, actions, etc. all in a way that seems smooth and effortless. He is able to voice many different characters without being confusing. He does a great job of voicing female characters (such as Tarah) without using a falsetto or unnatural voice. The book flows well and the narration follows this fluid nature making an already good book even better in audio form. I will be listening to additional material by this narrator as I enjoy his style and presentation. The audio is crisp, clean along with consistent volume throughout the book.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher in exchange for an honest and non-bias review.

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