Leap Audiobook Review

If you could sum up Leap in three words, what would they be?

Leap was the second book in the Breakthrough series and it did not disappoint. The book continues the adventures of the same team along with a few new characters on a rollercoaster thrill and action packed ride. I was not sure how Grumley was going to be able to top the first, but he did. I liked how he wove in the new and older parts of the book along with the characters and locations. The author has done his research and it shows in this book. One again, I would like to personally thank the author for writing a series which I feel safe sharing with my younger child (teen). He is able to tell an exciting story without having to use vulgar language nor sexual scenes. Be does have some scenes of romance, but nothing out of line and nothing graphic in nature.

I’m only concerned that book three in the series (at the time of this review) is not available via Audible, so I may have to actually sit and read it as a book. If you like action and adventure, read Breakthrough first and move right on to Leap! You will not regret the story the author is able to tell.

Who was your favorite character and why?

My favorite character is still the main one, Allison. More for her determination, strong character, and role model characteristics. I also have to admit that I’m a sucker for the other race; read the book to understand this one.

What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

I really liked Megan Wolf’s audio performance, however less than I did for her reading of Breakthrough. It may seem like a silly or minor issue, but by the end of the book I could remember all the times it annoyed me. I’m not sure if Megan used new recording equipment or was fighting illness during the recording, but her continued swallowing which was picked up on the recording really got to me. It did ruin the book for me, and I hope she will read the third book in the series (when on Audible), just would have made the book that much more enjoyable had these events not been recorded.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

If I had the time available, it is a book I would have listened to in one sitting, it is that exciting. However, due to its length, I did have to spread it out over a few days.

Any additional comments?

Not to the author: Michael, please continue writing great clean action stories like Breakthrough and Leap. I will support you in all ways I can to help you to become a full-time independent author. I wish you the best in your future material.

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